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Are you getting bored? Want some excitement in life? If yes, play this exciting and thrilling zombie survival game called “Zombie Tsunami “. Please read this article to know its features in detail. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

About Zombie Tsunami Apk

travel all around the world

Zombie Tsunami Apk is the most thrilling zombie survival game app. In all the zombie games, this is the most epic. As this game has a world full of monsters and zombies, you can never get bored. These types of survival games are very impressive and exciting to play. They make our life more exciting as we run for our lives on different levels. And just like that, this game is also made with the same type of gameplay.

The only difference is that instead of surviving the zombie attacks, you are attackers yourself. Yes, you are zombies this time, and you have to eat your friends to get awarded. Change as many humans as you can into zombies. No one should be left to be a human, turning every single human into a blood-sucking monster.

  • Just create different plans to attack the humans and eat them alive.
  • You will get various types of zombie missions in this game which you have to complete to get new rewards and tasks.
  • Get the mob of furious zombies and control them.
  • Give them different types of commands to destroy the world.
  • Download Zombie Tsunami Apk from our site online and get the full version and full codes for android.

Main features

you can eat your friends in zombie game.

Be a zombie

You can become a zombie in this game and eat your friends alive. As a zombie, you have to complete your duty to destroy the world. Leave no one to convert all the humans into zombies so that you can create your colossal army. You can crush anything that comes in your path, leaving no human behind.
Either eat them or convert them into zombies yourself. You have to play the role of a zombie boss and command your zombie army to destroy the world.

Use pets in Zombie Tsunami

Use different types of monster pets you have in this game. Some of the monsters are ready for you to use and destroy the world. But you have to unlock some of the most furious and dangerous monsters. There are different types of zombie pets, like zombirds.

These creatures take humans to the sky and then drop them directly to the ground. And humans die horribly. So with all these fantastic features of this game, you will never get bored.

HD graphics

This game has exceptional quality graphics. You will become addicted to this game even if you play this game once. The pictures of this game are stunning and even challenge the console-level quality. You can play this game in high settings, even on a low specs device.

You can play this visual animation on big screens like laptops and Androids TVs. Graphics get more lively as they are presented with incredible sound effects. And this game has extreme level sound effects. So enjoy hunting humans.

Travel and destroy

Travel the different parts of the world in this game and destroy everything which comes into your contact. The only goal for you is to destroy the cities and create as many zombies as you can. Capture humans of different countries and convert them into zombies. There are 11 sets to travel in this game to entertain you.

Unique features

run with four zombies into the car to flip it over.

  1. Controls of this game are straightforward to use with one tap control
  2. There are many fantastic characters in this game that you will like, such as ninjas, dragons, UFOs, and many more.
  3. Win lots of upgrades by completing the levels in this game.
  4. Raise your zombies’ pets and use their powers to destroy the world.
  5. There are more than 300 challenging missions for you to complete.
  6. Upgrade your powers by winning the challenges.

Why Zombie Tsunami apk?

zombie tsunami mod apk cover

You can choose this gameplay because of its many unique features. First of all, the gameplay and storyline are unique in that you have to attack the humans as a zombie. There are many different types of zombie powers you can use. You can turn humans into zombies in an instant. Control the army of zombies that you have created by killing humans. The fun part is that you will have to smash and destroy things you like. Travel to the different world types and scenes with very realistic graphics. You can have the zombie pets you are training to destroy the world and kill humans. Upgrade your skills and be the best human hunter to win different types of rewards.


  • Feel the realistic graphics
  • More than 300 levels to play.
  • Mind-Blowing gameplay helps you to relax and have fun.
  • Upgradable characters with zombie pets.
  • Controls are straightforward to have smooth gameplay.


  • There are too many ads in the game.
  • Progress does not save properly.
  • Glitches are visible sometimes.


  • Advanced Features.
  • You can use paid items for free.
  • Get coins and money in the game.
  • Find cheats.
  • Hack game benefits.

Other resources

  1. Check out this game on the play store.
  2. Watch the trailer of this game on youtube:


upgrade your skills

How to use zombirds?

Watch this video to know about zombirds:


Game walkthrough for zombie tsunami

Watch this video to see the game walkthrough for zombie tsunami:

How to play zombie tsunami?

Watch this video to learn how to play zombie tsunami with the full intro:

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