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Ever thought of any quiet and calm place which gives a piece to your mind? The Zen art will give you the calmness you required. Experience the Buddhist cultural art to keep body and mind in peace. The Zen match app allows you access the ancient practice to calm your soul and mind. To know more about the app, read the following article and download it by following the instructions given below.

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play the best tiles matching gameplay in zen match mod apk.

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decorate and make the rooms more beautiful.

You may not hear about Zen art. It is an ancient art of Japanese Buddhist monks to use art and calligraphy to design and provide a calmness to the mind. It has cultural importance in the Buddhist population. The Zen match app allows you to experience the culture of thousands of years. It is basically a puzzle-solving, tiles matching game with a little bit of mindfulness space provided for you. The Zen match apk is a simple game whose main objective is to give you peace of mind from the daily hectic routine of users. The Zen match game allows you to design your own Zen space with plants and customized background. The difficulty of the game increases bit by bit. From easy to hard as you clear the lower ranks.

The interface of the game is very convenient and easy to understand. It is not an arcade game that gives you more stress while playing. The game is easy to play and win and if stuck anywhere there are free lives that you can access. Use the Zen match apk to get access to the content for free like more free lives and get rid of the frustrating ads in between. It provides you with a calm atmosphere that can be taken anywhere. The atmosphere helps in increasing your creativity skills. Creativity is very important in this game as it will help solve the puzzle and design the Zen space.


you can even collect your own custom desiogn to renovate in zen match mod apk.


The UI of the game is very calm and comfortable. No gaudy colors and background noises to distract the mind. Provides a quiet atmosphere to improve creativity skills. A mindful space that users can take anywhere.


Contains more than thousands of different levels. Every level is unique in solution and difficulty. The levels start from easy and keep on increasing in difficulty as the game progressed. Clearing the levels will be provided with new and exciting rewards which are used to design the Zen space or in getting free lives.

Zen art

Zen is an ancient art developed and in practice for thousands of years. It is very popular among Buddhist monks who uses it to keep their mind from the chaotic presence of the outside world. The Zen match apk allows you to access the vast benefit of this ancient art on your mobile device.


Though it provides a calm atmosphere to keep your mind cool. It also provides a series of puzzles that can only be solved with a creative calm mind. The atmosphere of the game allows users to think clearly and solve puzzles. It is an easy and healthy practice of training the mind.

The Good and the Bad

showing the official icon of zen match.


  • Daily puzzles help increase your creative and reasoning skills.
  • The game allows you to raise your plant. Which gives satisfaction to the mind.
  • The Zen match apk allows you to access the features of the game for free.
  • The game progress can be saved by syncing your Facebook id with the game.
  • The game is simple and super fun.
  • It is helpful bearing the boring journeys to offices or college.


  • Contains ads that can be frustrating and fails the whole point of any mindfulness game.
  • The game is laggy and freezes in between.
  • Only Facebook users can save their game progress. No Gmail or other accounts.
  • The subscription to the game is quite expensive.

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challenge yourself for these challenging puzzles in zen match mod apk.

Are there any games similar to the Zen match?

There are many similar apps like Zen match that you can find on the google play store and give them a try. Some of them are match 3D, connect, mah-jong tour, tile connect, and many more.

How to win the game?

The following YouTube video is of the gameplay and winning tricks of the game:


How to download the Zen match game?

Download the game from the link of the google play store given above. You can also download the Zen match apk from our website (popularapk.com) by following some simple steps given above.

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  1. Level 417 of zen match remain unsolved after try it àtleast 50 times what to do,is there any tricks to know which tile is hidden after other.?