Youtube Kids v7.20.1 APK- Download | Latest Version 2022

Do you like YouTube and loves the vast range of infotainment it provides? Then we brought you a new version of YouTube just for kids. Show your kids the interactive information it provides. YouTube kids are just a kid version of the official YouTube that prioritizes videos developed mainly for children.

To know more about the app, read the following article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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What is YouTube kids?

There are tons of videos to have learn and have fun.

Youtube kids is a side version of the main official youtube application. It is developed mainly to provide kids with a platform in which videos are available, keeping their state of mind. It keeps them away from many unexpected contents on the original youtube platform. Many parents are afraid to allow their kids to watch the original youtube because of the vast range of videos available on it. These videos may not be appropriate for them at their current age. Watching them can be misleading and have a severe impact on them.

Now you can keep control of your kids watchlist and feed. The videos available on this platform are filled with family-friend on different topics. You can use it to generate a new hobby for your kid. You can track his performances and impart a large amount of helpful information for their age. Your kids can learn painting, playing an instrument, singing, dance, or making crafts.

Apart from the wide range of valuable topics on the platform. You can also keep control of your kids feed and watch time. Allow only a small amount on the platform so your kids can learn new things and play outside from the phone or tv screens. Parents also need to keep an eye on the contents their children consume, as often, inappropriate videos can come to the feed.


dozens of options to have full control on the watch.


The app is solely developed for children. So, the interface is easier to use than the original youtube. Youtube kids look elegant and premium, just like the original one. The options available are limited, keeping in mind its consumer base but has enough a kid required to consume helpful content.

A safer experience

There are appropriate filters available in the app to keep the content family-friendly. The developers keep taking user feedback and reviews to make it more accessible and user-friendly. However, parents need to keep an eye on the contents their children are consuming and limit their screen time.

Age-specific profiles

Now you can create up to 8 profiles. Each profile can be arranged and customized according to the age of its viewers. They will receive only videos that are age-appropriate for that audience only. You can toggle them and set them from the options in the settings.

Block channels

If you find any video and channel that you feel is inappropriate for your children on the platform, you can report and block them. Developers will use your feedback to make the content on the platform more children-friendly and relevant for its use.

Watch on kids

Keep an eye on your child’s activity on the platform. You can see their history, keep a tab on their screen time, and set timers on them.

Pros and cons

videos appropriate for kids of all age.


  • Make up to 8 profiles for different age groups.
  • The interface looks premium and easy to use for kids.
  • You can set a timer and monitor your kid’s screen time.
  • You can block videos and channels you think are inappropriate for your kids.
  • Youtube kids offer a wide range of useful infotainment for the kids.


  • The interface needs some improvements and more options to control the playback.
  • The recommendations many times show videos not appropriate for kids.
  • Parental controls are not that strong. It needs to improve in this section.

Other information

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How to get the youtube kids apk?

Download the latest version of youtube kids from this site by following the steps given above in the article.

Can I download youtube kids on switch?

Get all the required information here on playassist.

What are other alternatives to youtube kids?

Visit the following link to see youtube kids alternatives.

Is youtube kids free?

Just like the original youtube app, it is free to use. It also has subscription features that allow you to skip ads and other essential features.

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