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If you are looking for a video editor app that can help you create spectacular videos for your social media account. Then “YouCut Apk” is for you. Download and Read more about this app in the article.

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Have you ever thought of a video editor having easy-to-use professional tools, resonant filters, special effects, and transitions? I faced many difficulties while choosing the right one (video editor), but eventually, I came across an awesome one called YouCut Apk.

YouCut app is the most incredible video editor and maker I have encountered. Nothing is too easy or advanced in using this video editor. This app is designed specially to be operated by both beginners and advanced editors to make awesome videos. You can create stunning masterpieces from the photos you have captured and edit them with various styles. We have added the YouCut apk for all the users to download.

In today’s digital world, I think there are millions of videos being edited daily, but that’s another question of whether they are being revised with professionalism or not. YouCut provides a fantastic set of tools for editing or making any videos belonging to various categories, including entertainment, how-to videos, educational, instructional, comedy, etc. This app is the key to unlocking professional video editing skills for everyone.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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About YouCut

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How YouCut Video Editor & Maker Can Affect Your Editing Style?

You can shape your videos however you want with admirable effects by downloading and using the YouCut video editor apk and maker. Videos that we record do not always come out as we want them to; this levitates the need to have a professional video editing app ready. It becomes straightforward to show your creativity in your videos with YouCut at your side. This editor works best for every social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, etc. The results are not perfect whenever you record a video; factors like length, timing, contrast, brightness, and special effects always make a difference. And this app, provided by Inshot Inc, offers you advanced editing tools that handle all of them.

Users who edit using this app can trim, split, cut, and merge any videos they want in a few clicks. Plus, special effects and filters make your imagination come true. There are hundreds of them in this app, and famous artists design each one.

Users will also love to make a video album of their captured pics. With this app, you can add photos with background music to create a lovely masterpiece. With this feature, users can show their past journey and their transformation or can create a motivational video. YouCut is also called video cutter apk.

Features Explained

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Free Editor With No Ads

Download the YouCut app- a free video editor and maker with no ads and unique features that other professional video editors, makers, or slideshow makers do not provide. The positive point is that videos that you edit do not get watermarked, meaning free video editing with no watermark. It’s ultimately your choice what to download for your smartphone, but I recommend that you should use it once.

Merge Videos, Join Them

Do you love making compilations for motivational videos or entertainment or memes? If yes, this video editor has the most quality video merging tool. Join videos from end to end to create a new long one. The best example you can take is ‘merging all the episodes of an entire series into a single video to watch without delay.’

Video Trimmer Or Cutter For Long Videos

Results of video trimming or cutting with this editing app are very accurate as it does not interfere with the video or sound quality. Video trimming is most used by social media users like influencers or YouTubers. So this app will be perfect for them to download. Cutting videos to make YouTube shorts, TikTok videos, and Instagram reels for more audience engagement will be the ideal use of this feature.

Split Videos Or Slice Them

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Slice the video into two different parts to make separate clips, and use them to watch long videos in different periods. Remove the awkward part in the video by splitting them into two and use the fresh one for your upload. Sliced or split videos are also used to create different parts of one long clip, just like episodes.

Control Speed- Fast/Slow Motion Videos

Perfect editing means displaying a particular moment in a more creative way to make it memorable. With the YouCut editor, you can create fast-motion and slow-motion videos in simple steps. Slow your videos so that particular movements last longer, and for fun, make your videos play faster.

Slideshow Maker- Create Slideshows

If you have any memorable photo albums clicked while attending a family function or on a trip, you can make those moments more emotional. Just merge them all and add a background to them to have a fantastic slideshow. YouCut is the best slideshow maker, which comes free and has no banner ads.

No Watermarking

Your edited videos will have a watermark claiming that this application edits the video each time. But YouCut has no watermark feature, so your videos will be edited without watermarks.

Adding & Extracting Music From Videos

Make videos with epic background music with this app. You saw some YouTube videos having motivational or funny music. This becomes possible with editing software like this one. You can directly extract music from the video with this app. If you like a song or background voice and want to add it to your video, you can extract it with this app.
Adding Text To Videos

Whatever you want to write in the videos, you can with this video editor. You can use unique fonts and vibrant colored texts to write your name or any informational message in your videos. This feature comes in handy when creating an ‘Educational’ or ‘How To’ video for viewers.

Apply Special Effects and Filters

Rise professionalism in your editing style with this app. It provides special effects and epic filters to add 3D cinematic movie-level products to your videos. Effects like Glitching, blurring, and shading are all combined in this one app. Just show your creativity by choosing the combination of special effects and filters for your videos, then they will become excellent. You can also use custom filters, and this app provides the facility for users to customize filters as per their preferences.

Provides Colour Correction

Colour correction is how editors can correct color issues with brightness and contrast problems in these videos. YouCut provides color correction tools that make videos as naturalistic as possible.

Change Video’s Aspect Ratio

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Make your videos perfectly compatible with any device having any display size or resolution. Change the aspect ratio of your videos with 1:1, 16:9, & 3:2 ratios to play them on tablets, Pcs, laptops, android tv, etc. With this app, changing the aspect ratio is also very easy. In just a few clicks, you will get the ratio you want.

Change Your Video’s Background

If you have recorded a video whose background does not fit so well with the theme, then with the YouCut video editor, you can easily change the background with colorful landscapes.
A perfect background is essential for a video, and it defines how your story is being told. Also, suppose you don’t like the background color of your video. In that case, you can change it with presets available within the app, or blurring your background with YouCut is another available option.

Crop You Videos

This app provides the most accurate and perfect video cropping facility. Users can crop the video to display any size and resolution they want.

Compress Videos

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YouCut Video editor compresses your video size by 90 percent without losing noticeable quality. It’s perfectly designed for compressing videos no matter what size or resolution.

Video Converter

Convert your videos with this app as it does not lose the quality and retains the video size to a minimum. Whatever the format you want for your video to play on any device, YouCut will convert it in a few seconds.

Share Videos Directly

As this app is the professional video editor and vlog editor for your social media videos, it provides the option to directly share them on social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Roposo, Vine, Dubsmash, etc.

Why install YouCut apk?

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In the market, you will find hundreds of video editor apps. But most of them are either difficult to use or charge money to access the good features. You use all the features in the YouCut apk for absolutely free. You don’t need to have any technical skills to use this app.

Due to its smart UI, anyone can edit video With this app. There are many stickers, filters, and colorful text in your videos. New ones are also added regularly to provide you with the best out of best. With this app, you can compress the videos that take large space in your device. You can change the video format with just a few clicks. You share all the videos to social media platforms directly from it. This app has all the editing tools which you would need to create professional videos.

Unique features

  1. Add Intuitive timelines in your stories and reels.
  2. Blur the background of your photos and videos.
  3. There are no ads to disturb you in editing.


  • It takes time to add some effects to the video.
  • It has some minor bugs.


  1. Enjoy the watermark-free videos.
  2. It has professional editing tools.
  3. Zoom in/ out in videos with two fingers.


Is YouCut Video Editor free?

Yes, YouCut Video Editor is completely free. It is a professional video editing tool for free with no ads and without a watermark. Create cinematic-style movies with this app and add special filters to your videos, all for free.

Is the YouCut editor on the Apple App Store?

Yes, this app is available for iPhones. You can download it for free on the App Store.

What is the best video maker app?

The YouCut video editor is the best with no cost and exclusive features.

What is the size of the YouCut app?

Approx. 51 MB is the size of YouCut.

Is YouCut a good editing app?

Yes, the best one. You can use this video editing app for free, and it does not apply watermarks to your videos and provides professional filters and special effects.

Is YouCut safe to use?

Yes, this app is provided by InShot Inc, and it is entirely safe to use. It does not record any information about you.

How to use the YouCut video editor?

Use this video as a reference and learn how to use the YouCut video editor

How to use the YouCut video editor on PC?

We attached this link for you to learn how to use YouCut on pc or laptops. Use this article as a reference and learn.

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