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If you are annoyed a little bit because of WhatsApp’s limited features and restrictions. Then this article can help you and can provide a great solution. Read it and help yourself by downloading the best replacement or we can say a more advanced version of Whatsapp called as YCWhatsapp apk. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.


About the YCWhatsapp apk

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Whatsapp is the most useful and amazing communication app by which the users can talk to each other at any time from anywhere. But this app also has some limitations and restrictions due to privacy and security reasons. And those restrictions sometimes don’t feel necessary. So the users who want to use WhatsApp with more advanced features can download YCWhatsapp apk. With YCWhatsapp the users can perform advanced functions with more unique features.

  • This app will provide the features like hiding the blue tick, sending the large files, hiding last seen and online status.
  • These functions come in very handy as they hide the recent activities of the users.
  • And this app is far more stylish and awesome looking than the normal Whatsapp.
  • In the normal Whatsapp, the users can only send one file to a max of 5 persons.
  • With YCWhatsapp the users can send one file to 500 other users.


Main features of YCWhatsapp app

chats and text type with good features in mod

More privacy features

With this app installed on your device, you can easily access the advanced privacy features. The users can hide the last seen of their Whatsapp profile, so no one can know when they are online. Blue ticks in the chats can be hidden by the users and the sender cannot know that you have seen the messages.

No one can see the online or offline status of the users, so no unwanted messenger can annoy you.

Enhanced chatting features

In the normal Whatsapp, the users can only send one file to a maximum of 5 people. But with this app, the users can send one file to a group of 400+ users and the information or document can be sent to more people.

And same goes for the video files, the users cannot send the video of large size. But with the YCwhatsapp the users can send the video up to 650 Mb.

Amazing Customization features of YCWhatsapp

chat with anyone using better themes in ycwhatsapp mod apk

The customization features are far more interesting and awesome looking than the normal Whatsapp. The users can set different vibrant colored themes to use this app. The users can change and try the new style and designs of the user interface of the app.

There are many different types of amazing fonts in this app that users can use to make the app more creative. The font size can also be increased according to the comfort of the users.

Other features

These features are the reward features like the users can see the status of any user without letting them know. The users can send any message to anyone without saving their number on the phone. With this app, the users can also hide the double tick option so that no one can know the messages have arrived.

This app has full-screen mode and has an iPhone style design and the users like that design very much.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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easily use settings to change them in the apk

How to install the YCWhatsapp apk?

  • Download the latest version of the Application by tapping on the download button. This will take you to the download page.
  • Now go to file manager -> apks -> click on the file which has apk
  • Now after clicking on the file, if it shows that installation of unknown apps are blocked, then tap on settings -> click on allow apps from unknown sources
  • Hit the back button, go to file manager again, and tap on the YCWhatsapp
  • Tap on install and voila! You are good to go. You have successfully installed the Application.


YCWhatsapp is safe to install?

Yes, WhatsApp is very much safe to install from our site.


How can you get the Crack version?

From this page, search for the YC WhatsApp and click on the download button and install it.

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