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If you come to a new place or city, the map is our only trustworthy source with the help of which we can roam and search any places. When we talk about maps, Google maps have covered almost all of the smartphone market. But we brought you another map application that provides you with more features and options than google maps. The Yandex maps allow extra features that no map application can provide.

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Provides every details of businesses in the area.

Yandex maps can become your one-stop application when you want to find the direction of any new places. It provides many features and options that will make your search very easy and simple. You will have 2D and 3D street views on the map. A satellite mode will provide you with live reports of the places. If you are in a new place, this app can make your journey easy. You can download a particular location on your phone. And access the map when there is no internet in the area. This can be a very useful tool while going to remote places.

The app’s interface is simple, just like any other map application. You will not have any problems while operating the app. The Yandex maps have one of the largest operational databases of the maps and relevant filters in the app that will make your search very easy to apply. It is best to search for any commercial buildings and places. You can find all the business details by tapping their location on the map. You can find their contact numbers, hours of operations, photos and genuine reviews.



Transport schedules and real time movements.

The interface of the app is simple and looks premium. It is like any other map that you may have used before. The Yandex maps have a large database covering almost every major city and place worldwide. The search filter is very operative and provides a limited search option.


Now travel to any destination with any mode of transport. You can see through different modes of transport like on foot, by car or bike. It also provides for any possible public transport for easy commute. You can search for all the routes between two cities or states, and it will also give you train and bus routes. While giving you navigation, it also gives the traffic situation in all the routes, and you can choose the best route for you.

Offline maps

One of the most useful tools in the app is its capability of downloading the map of any place so that you can use them afterwards when you are offline. This tool is helpful when you go to any remote place with bad network connections. It downloads the map features of that area in the app’s storage, and you can access it wherever you want.

Driving directions

Offline mode when the connection is bad.

It is helpful while driving to different locations. The voice instruction will help you find the direction while giving attention to the driving. You can choose the fastest and best route for you among the different routes the app provides between two locations.

Pros and cons


  • The interface is simple and easy to use. It is the best navigator that provides 3D maps in street view.
  • You can download the map features of any location and use them afterwards while offline.
  • The Yandex apps give the best information about any business location. You can get genuine reviews, contact information and photos of that place.
  • Voice recognition helps get the direction while driving your vehicle.


  • The Yandex app doesn’t work in the background. You have to keep it open while seeing the routes.
  • Yandex maps are not available in many locations in the world.
  • It keeps track of your movement while moving through the app.

Other information

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Visit the following Google Play store link to read the reviews and more about the Yandex maps.


Are Yandex maps better than google maps?

Yandex maps offer better, more detailed coverage of Russia and the CIS countries such as Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc. In contrast, Google maps offer better coverage of the world, Europe. In other places, it is more reliable to use google maps.

Are Yandex maps free?

Yandex maps are free to use. You can download it for free from the google play store. You can also download it from this site by following the steps given above in the article.

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