WIFI Tether v6.3.5 (Apk)

If you are looking for a tool app with which you can turn your phone/tablet into a hotspot tethering. Then this app is definitely for you. Read in detail about its features in the article given below.

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configure and actitvate the wifi tether router.

Wifi tether router apk is one of the most useful tool apps which has many unique and amazing features for you. With this app, you can convert phones or tablets into free hotspot tethering. It is a small app that without any limitations lets you share your internet connection with other nearby devices. Most of the service providers charge additional fees on top of the current data plan for tethering or hotspot usage. Just for sharing your internet connection with your laptop or any other device, in some providers, you will have to buy dedicated packs.

But if you use this app you will don’t have to buy any additional plan, you can easily convert your device into a wifi hotspot. You can use wifi tether router apk on both low and high-end devices. To make sure this app works, you will have to root your device but don’t worry it is safe. It doesn’t share your data with any third-party app and maintains your privacy. Already more than thousands of people from all over the world have used this app. You can download the latest version of this app from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

use the settings to make any changes in this app.

Create whitelist/ blacklist

You can control who can connect with your hotspot or not by creating the whitelist or blacklist. By adding the IP address or name of the devices to the blacklist, you can restrict those devices from using your internet connection. You can also set the limit for the maximum number of devices that can connect to your wifi network. With just a click, you can remove or add the devices from both lists.

Manage your network

While creating the wifi networks, there are a lot of customizations that you can do. You can change your device’s name, password, wifi channel, and even the encryption type which is essential for connectivity and security. All these customizations are also time-consuming, but this app is not. It is very easy to manage your network on wifi tether router apk. You can count the traffic, hide SSID names, and set up connection time in a more organized and efficient way.

Add widgets

You can create a widget for deactivating/activating tethering and add it to the home screen of your phone. It will make your work with hotspots more time-efficient and manageable. Every time, you will don’t have to use the app to deactivate or activate hotspots you can do it directly from the home screen. It is very easy to add widgets to your home screen, you can go to the app and click on add widgets option.

User-friendly interface

To make the user experience more comfortable, this app has a user-friendly interface for you. It is specially designed in such a way that anyone can easily use this app. It makes managing the network very easy and time-efficient. You can effortlessly set all the customizable options and set your network. You don’t need any technical skills to use this app. All the required options are available on the homepage of this app.

Why install wifi tether router apk?

change the dchp settings with wifi tether router mod apk.

The wifi tether router apk is very useful for those who want to convert their device into a hotspot tethering. Many providers charge extra money if you use your device as a tethering hotspot. In some, you even have to buy an additional pack but if you use this app you can save your money. To use this app, you don’t need to know any technical skills due to its simple and interactive interface. With this app, you can set your networks in a more organized and efficient way. With the Blacklist/whitelist feature, you can control which device can connect with your hotspot and use your internet connection.

You can set the limit for the maximum number of devices that can connect with your device. Add the widget of deactivating/activating devices to your home screen so you don’t have to open the app again and again to deactivate or activate the hotspot. To use this app, you will have to first root your device but it is 100% safe to use. It doesn’t collect or share your data with any third-party app to maintain your privacy.

Unique features

  • It is a lightweight app.
  • Has low CPU usage.
  • It has low battery consumption.


  • It works on only rooted devices.
  • Sometimes it lags due to some minor bugs.


see the client list in one click.

  • It is very easy to use.
  • There are ads to watch.
  • You need any paid subscriptions to access its features.
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