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Did you know that there is an app called widgetopia ios 14 which you can use to make your android phone look like an apple device or ios using the phone? In this article, you will learn all about this app in simple explanations. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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About Widgetopia

this app has lots of colourful widgets to use.

Widgetopia apk is an advanced widget application that gives your smartphone an ios look. If you have always liked the widgets of iOS, then this app can do the same on Android phones. The users who love customizing their smartphone’s home screens will like this app. If you are bored of looking at the same home screen every day then you should use widgetopia. This app will give your home screen an incredible iOS touch. This app contains thousands of widgets that are very reliable and make your phone’s working more convenient. These widgets are not only for show purposes, in fact, but you can also use them to access your phone features in a fun way.

In a paragraph, you learn about the types of widgets of this app. This app has thousands of widgets and each one has its unique function. You will find advanced widgets like time & date, calendar, clocks of different types, and much more. There are battery indicators also which are very reliable to use. You can also use data usage widgets which can record data usage of your mobile network and wifi separately. Use a wallpaper frame in which different wallpapers will change automatically every few seconds.

Main features

customize these widgets with different types of themes in widgetopia premium apk.

IOS launcher

With this app, you get to use an awesome launcher that makes your phone’s user interface just like ios. This launcher gives your phone a mind-blowing makeover. Your regular and boring UI will be converted into a cool-looking ios theme. This app not only gives your phone a new look but also helps to boost your device performance. With this simple upgrade, your smartphone will get a completely new look and performance boost.

Widgets collection

Widgets not only give your home screen a new look but also make your work smarter. They help you to access your smartphone features easily. There are many different types of widgets, and they all have unique functions to perform. Some of the major widgets you can use like a clock, time & date, calendar, data usage monitor, battery indicator, and many more. Some of these widgets are very unique and difficult to find. And you will use every one of them in a single app.

Awesome Themes

This app not only comes with a vast collection of widgets but to make these widgets more fun this app has colorful themes. This app has hundreds of themes that you can use daily to customize their widgets. Make their appearance more charming with colorful and animated themes. With these themes, you will see many excellent animated characters. There are so many of them that you will not repeat them even once a month.

Mix or customize your widgets

With this amazing widget app, you can even customize widgets according to your liking. You can mix the widget pairs with any other widget you like. Mix them and customize them with new themes so that they match your wallpapers. This way you can customize your home screen with your heart’s content. The process to customize your widgets are very easy to perform. Make your phone very easy to use and awesome to look at.

Why use Widgetopia apk?

with this app you can create your own custom widgets to use.

Widgetopia apk is one of the best user interfaces for every android user. With the awesome collection of ios themes and widgets, you can make your android phone looks like ios. This app is perfect for you if you love to customize your home screen every day. If you are bored with your phone’s normal look then this app can fulfill your dream. With thousands of widget collections, this app is perfect to use as a customization tool for your phone. All these widgets will make your phones work faster and more easily accessible.

Even customizing your widgets is also possible with this app. You can change the themes of your widgets every day. There are almost 60 widget themes for you that can even match your wallpapers. These features will make your home screen more enjoyable. Mix different types of widgets and create your custom widget to use.

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