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Whatsapp plus introduction

whatsapp plus latest version.

This is a great modded version of the latest whatsapp application available on playstore, but the mod itself is not available and you have to download and install it separately. If you are looking for the latest with latest features and the new version, you are at the right place. Here we are going to provide you with the latest Whatsapp plus apk for your device so that you can use those much needed additional features that the stock apk does not have.

The latest Whatsapp plus apk contains many privacy features such as hide view and blue ticks while still being on, themes for changing the look of your app, advanced file sharing and more. This is in addition to the original functionality of the apk being intact. 

Want to know more about apk ? scroll below to see the latest features, unique futures, apk details, FAQs and more for your phone.


What is whatsapp plus mod?

whatsapp plus - logo.

Whatsapp plus is nothing but the whatsapp application but with added features and a new user interface. You can use this latest version to do more with the  application which the stock app from play store doesn’t provide. A developer named Rafalete who is also a member of the XDA developer community modded the application and added some extra features for privacy and a better looking user interface then the stock app.

The modded version called WA plus apk has still the original functionalities. it still supports end to end encryption so you can be sure to have a peace of mind about your messages not leaking to anywhere else. The latest plus is just like WA with a changed wrapper and new features.


Main features of Whatsapp plus apk

whatsapp plus settings vs GBwhastapp settings.

The latest version of plus comes with many features which are in addition to the core functionalities, so here we are only gonna tell you about the main features apk which are different from the stock whatsapp apk.


Enhanced privacy features

whatsapp plus - privacy options full view.

In the latest version of the plus apk, you can use a plethora of privacy options; such as hide the blue ticks without turning off the red receipts from settings. You can hide your online status and last seen so people won’t interrupt you. Also you can hide your status from specific people.

You can also hide your profile picture from people while still having it on your account and turn off delivered ticks or two ticks off in the latest version of the app. Along with these features you can also hide your view status notification, so that the other person would not know that you have viewed their status.


Amazing customizations

themes with whatsapp logo image.

theme store in whatsapp plus

Apart from the core functionality and the added features that the XDA developer modded into this app. He also added the function to change the look off the app; and there are many aspects of the user interface which can be changed. Themes can be applied to the app from the theme store where there are hundreds of themes you can select the best looking from.

In the latest version of plus apk, you can change the way the ticks are displayed in the message. Profile picture style and the way the chats are displayed with higher level of customizations. This allows you to effectively change the way the whatsapp plus apk looking on your phone and customize it your way.


Anti ban

whatsapp plus anti ban apk download.illustrations of whatsapp plus apk.

Since there is always a risk by using the  mod like anyone, and this is not limited to apk that you could be temporarily banned from your  account if you use mods and they are detected , so the developer of the plus has added much needed functionality of introducing an anti ban feature which is automatic.

You can unban your account easily by using Whatsapp plus apk. For further instructions about how to remove ban from your account you can follow the instruction as stated below this tab.


Auto reply and message scheduler

auto reply messages.

With this feature , you can set a predefined reply to send to your users where they will be automatically sent a reply when they message you. This is an interesting feature which is only available in whatsapp for business apps but it has been added here for simple use.

You can also schedule messages to any person by setting a timer, the contact and the message. This way you don’t have to be using app to send a message to someone. This is great for birthday wishes, or any other purpose which may fit you by scheduling the messages in the latest version.


Advanced file sharing

whatsapp plus - settings in the app.

The latest plus apk breaks all limits of file sharing in the app; as earlier you could only select a limited number of photos to send; and could only send upto a very small sized photo or video. You can send upto 50 mb in photos; and 100 mb in video clips. You can also send audio files of larger size of 100 mb.


And many more features

The latest version plus apk comes with many more features; such as logs and history where every activity related to the app is recorded and saved as a log which can be viewed later and is easily readable. It also has many fonts and styles which can be used to to change the font in the Whatsapp plus app.

The colors, size and shape of every font vary so there are a lot of options for you to use. it also comes with unlimited wallpapers where you can change the background of the chats and add any type of wallpaper that you want.


Unique features of Whatsapp plus

chat sub setting option with chat backup.

There are many unique functions; which are not available in the stock version of the app neither are they in the other mods. First is the anti ban feature which removes the ban from account; and also does not let app detect that you are using the modded version with extra features.

So you can use the added new features without having to worry about being banned. Another unique feature is the level of customization; which you do to change the look of the app according to your style. There are many other new features such as fonts, styles, logs and history which allows you to monitor; activity with complete logs in a human readable format.

The chats can also be backed up; while switching to other versions or mods ; so that you can switch between the stock app and Whatsapp plus seamlessly.


How to remove ban from Whatsapp account 

remove whatsapp ban easily.

What if you are banned from using your number ?

Removing the ban from the account is easy and you can easily unban your account by following the simple steps.

  • Uninstall the older version of the plus app from your phone.
  • Download the latest version from our website, and do a clean install of the plus apk for unbanning your account.
  • If you still are unable to lift the ban, you may have to contact app dev or wait till the time of the unban stipulated time.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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Install the latest version of Whatsapp plus apk

installing screen of whatsapp plus

for installing the latest version on your phone just follow the simple steps below as you may not get the latest version on play store.

  • Click on the download button on this web page; to download the latest version plus apk on your device.
  • For installing with the latest features; you need to turn on the option of install apps from unknown sources first. For this, go to the phone settings, and search for unknown sources in the search bar of the settings; After you find that option, check on it so that it is turned on and accept the warning given by phone.
  • After you have turned on the “install apps from unknown sources” button, click on the downloaded file from the notification bar or find the file in the file manager of your phone.

  • If you can’t find it, use the files app on your phone and search for plus you’ll see the latest version plus apk. click on it to get started and answer everything in a Yes.
  • If you still can’t find the app maybe the device did not download the file, for this just download the file again by pressing the download button below and repeat the above steps.
  • After you have got the file, install the APK file. Give it access to the necessary permission it needs to work properly.
  • Open the app and register using your phone and you can start using all the latest features  Whatsapp plus apk has to offer right away


Final verdict

welcome to whatsapp+.

There are a lot of modded versions available on the internet but they may not be safe. With the anti ban features and the end to end encryption in the modded version plus apk; you can be safe and sure that you are getting the original version apk file.

The downloads that you get from use are sourced directly from the developers or official sites; so you can have a peace of mind while downloading all the good stuff from us. Furthermore the functionalities that apk provide is unique; and very useful in many sticky situations. We hope that you like the app and any case of any queries; about the ban, new version or more, leave a comment in the box below.


Frequently asked questions about the latest Whatsapp plus mod for android

Q. Where to get the latest update and mods?

Ans. here on our website you securely and safely download the latest version plus apk. We update all our apps regularly and provide you with the latest version of the apps for free download.

Q. Is my chats safe on Whatsapp plus apk ?

Ans. yes, this is one of the few mods that supports end to end encryption of the messages so that you can use all the additional features and still be safe from prying eyes.

Q. Why do I need to turn on the unknown sources option in settings ?

Ans. Android OS by default doesn’t allow you to install any applications from outside the playstore. This is a common security measure so that an app cannot inject malware on your device without your permission. But to unlock the full potential and use the latest apps; which are not available to anyone, you need to turn this feature on to install apps from our website. The warnings are there for a reason, it means you should only install apps from the sources you trust. Here we provide the plus apk file which is 100% malware free. You can also check it by using any antivirus service or check the virus total results by uploading the download plus apk to the virustotal site.

Q. Is it safe to download the latest Whatsapp plus apk from this website ?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe to download the files from our website. The apk file is completely virus free. You can check the virustotal( best site in the world for checking file virus) results from here – ww.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload

However, we don’t take guarantee of the app usage and it’s on you to use this app however you like. We are here to provide you with the best and latest of the applications from the internet specially picked and chosen for you.

Q. How to update to the latest Whatsapp plus version apk ?

installed app.

Ans. If you already have this application installed in your phone, the procedure is the same for installing the latest version plus apk as we have described before. If you are facing any problems in installing the app and updating it, try to do a clean install of the app.

Just uninstall the older version of the app and install the downloaded version of the latest plus apk from here.

Follow us or bookmark this page for getting the latest updates plus app for your phone and be the first to try out all the new features.

Q. The app doesn’t work on my phone. What should I do ?

Ans. well  apk we provide is the general version and should work on your device. But in case it doesn’t, just uninstall the already installed app and install it and then clear the data and cache from the app settings page. If it still doesn’t work, we suggest waiting for the new version or installing the more stable version from the play store but without the new features that the latest version that we provide.

Q. The download button doesn’t work.

installation screen of gbwhatsapp.

Ans. after you find the download button, it redirects you to an external download site. That’s completely normal as the Apk files are hosted on a separate server to prevent tampering. When you are redirected, you land on the download page from where you can click on the download button again to start your latest plus apk download. If you are still having problems downloading the  from our site, feel free to comment in the comments section and we will resolve it quickly.


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