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Whatsapp Apk introduction

This is the most popular instant messaging app on the planet and is used worldwide by most people who use smartphones. If you want to get the latest version of whatsapp with new features and wants to use the new features first and  before anybody then you are at the right place.

whatsapp apk is much more than just a messaging application. You can share files, location, links, images, videos and audios in real time and chat with any person from any corner of the world. The latest version of apk is secure and the calls and chats are end to end encrypted, so that you can be confident and safe while using the app for your private chats.

It also comes with several new features and functionality extensions. To know more about the features, follow the points below.


Main features of Whatsapp apk

Instant messaging

Whatsapp Apk chat screen with logo in left.

It has the quickest features with which; you can easily send messages to any person who is in your contact list and is on the platform. With this apk you can chat in real time; and get a quick reply with the lowest latency lag between the messages. The message goes over to the recipient over the internet; and doesn’t use your standard SMS thereby saving SMS costs. The latest service for instant messaging is reliable, fast and secure.

Save internet data

network usage trick explanation - Whatsapp Apk

As all the communication which happens over the internet; the internet data is used for it. But the new algorithm makes efficient use of the data; and uses a very minimal amount of bandwidth over the messages. Other features such as audio, video calls , voice calls and files sent also consume the data; but whatsapp also saves data thereby compressing the images and reducing voice and video data usage.

Safe, secure and reliable

Whatsapp Apk setting options shown.

upgrading whatsapp security green banner

The chats are always protected from both the sides, the sender; and receiver unless one of the parties compromises their own security. Chats between you and others can be read by anyone as they are automatically encrypted while sending. This works by creating 2 keys one public and one private to you.

The data or the message is encrypted using your private key; and the receiver’s public key and that message is then decoded at the recipient’s device; using his private key and sender’s public key. This is a verified method of encrypting data and no one, any other third party can not see your messages this way.

Send files, documents, audios, locations and more

Whatsapp Apk - location functionality depiction how to use attachments in Whatsapp Apk

send options highlighted in green.

In the latest version you can send the video clips of the limited file size and timing. You can send the image upto 25 mb but it will automatically be converted in a high quality compressed file; so that it can be sent quickly. You can also send audio messages by tapping and holding the mic icon in the chat; and releasing it to send.

The location sharing feature has various options. You can send your accurate current location or you can share real time location for upto 8 hours. You can also send checks in for the nearby spots of your location easily from the list. The app lets you send documents and other files like ZIP easily.

Web Version

scan QR code to use whatsapp on PC

You can log in to the whatsapp to your desktop browser and increase your workflow efficiency; by using the same features on the web instead of picking up the phone; and replying every time the text comes while you’re in between work.

Additionally, You can use the phone to validate the session web version. Also, You need to keep the internet on your device in order to send or receive messages on WA web. The web version synchronizes the data between mobile whatsapp version on your phone so that you can use the same functions as you use on your phone.


Whatsapp apk unique features

WA Apk comes with many unique features. Apart from the main features described above, It also supports mobile payments where you  can send or receive money directly from contacts using the payment gateway. The new beta version also supports business profiles where you can set up your business account and set up auto replies and use other features that allow you to interact with your business customers and engage with them.

App as a service is used by many businesses where you can use the predefined options to order stuff and use various services. There are other features too like high quality voice and video chatting to make the most of the latest application on your phone.


How to install Whatsapp Apk on your phone

For installing the latest version of the Whatsapp apk on your phone just follow the simple steps below as you may not get the latest version on play store.

  • Click on the download button on this web page, to download apk on your device.
  • For installing with the latest features, you need to turn on the option of install apps from unknown sources first. For this, go to the phone settings, and search for unknown sources in the search bar of the settings. After you find that option, check on it so that it is turned on and accept the warning given by phone.

unkown sources in youtube

  • After you have turned on the “install apps from unknown sources” button, click on the downloaded file from the notification bar or find the file in the file manager of your phone.
  • If you can’t find it, use the files app on your phone and search for Whatsapp you’ll see the latest version apk. click on it to get started and answer everything in a Yes.
  • If you still can’t find the app maybe the device did not download the file, for this just download the file again by pressing the download button below and repeat the above steps.
  • After you have got the file, install the APK file. Give it access to the necessary permission it needs to work properly.
  • Open the app and register using your phone and you can start using all the latest features this android app has to offer right away.

Final Verdict

Whatsapp Apk - Male guy in green talkin through icon yellow background.

There are many applications in the market which offer the same features and additions like WhatsApp apk but what they don’t have is reliability of the service and security. This apk also has a very simple and easy to use interface which everyone can use.

The app works reasonably well and doesn’t have bugs. The system uptime is 99.99% and most people use only the WhatsApp platform to communicate. Thus, there is no doubt to put this app as an essential in the communication category. To get more features you can sacrifice some security and wider acceptance to use other apps or else if these are important to you you should definitely get the latest version which is most secure and also comes with the latest features.


Frequently asked questions about the latest Whatsapp for android

Q. Where to get the latest update?

Ans. here on our website you securely and safely download apk. We update all our apps regularly and provide you with the latest version of the apps for free download.

Q. Is my chats safe ?

Ans. yes, this is one of the few versions of the whatsapp that supports end to end encryption of the messages so that you can use all the additional features and still be safe from prying eyes.

Q. Why do I need to turn on the unknown sources option in settings ?

Ans. Android OS by default doesn’t allow you to install any applications from outside the playstore. This is a common security measure so that an app cannot inject malware on your device without your permission. But to unlock the full potential and use the latest apps which are not available to anyone, you need to turn this feature on to install apps from our website.

The warnings are there for a reason, it means you should only install apps from the sources you trust. Here we provide the apk file which is 100% malware free. You can also check it by using any antivirus service or check the virus total results by uploading the downloaded apk to the virustotal site.

Q. Is it safe to download the latest whatsapp apk from this website ?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe to download the files from our website. The Whatsapp apk file is completely virus free. You can check the virustotal( best site in the world for checking file virus) results from here – ww.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload

However, we don’t take guarantee of the app usage and it’s on you to use this app however you like. We are here to provide you with the best and latest of the applications from the internet specially picked and chosen for you.

Q. How to update to the latest whatsapp version apk ?

Ans. If you already have this application installed in your phone, the procedure is the same for installing as we have described before. If you are facing any problems in installing the app and updating it, try to do a clean install of the app.

Just uninstall the older version of the Whatsapp app and install the downloaded version of the latest apk from here.

Follow us or bookmark this page for getting the latest updates for your phone and be the first to try out all the new features.

Q. The app doesn’t work on my phone. What should I do ?

Ans. Well the apk we provide is the general version and should work on your device. But in case it doesn’t, just uninstall the already installed app and install it and then clear the data and cache from the app settings page. If it still doesn’t work, we suggest waiting for the new version or installing the more stable version from the play store but without the new features that we provide.

Q. The download button doesn’t work.

Ans. After you find the download button, it redirects you to an external download site. That’s completely normal as the apk files are hosted on a separate server to prevent tampering. When you are redirected, you land on the download page from where you can click on the download button again to start your download.

If you are still having problems downloading from our site, feel free to comment in the comments section and we will resolve it quickly.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download, so that your apk download starts well..

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