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Do you sometimes wonder if you have missed noting down some crucial thoughts or words? If yes, then we can suggest an easy way to do it. WeNote is a fantastic personal note writing an application that can help you. Read this article to know its features.

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see reminders and to do tasks at one place

WeNote is a most convenient and easy-to-use note writing app designed for android devices. You can use this app as a personal digital diary. You can note down anything you want at any time from anywhere. Keep the records of account numbers, phone numbers, notes from meetings or college, passwords, and much more.

This handy application can play a vital role in your life. You can note down your daily goals, essential ideas, and any crucial info you want to save immediately. There are different types of note-writing options you can use with this app. Make different categories to organize your notes. Use a search system to find your specific note in multiple lists.

You can use colored notes and highlighted fonts for the most crucial info. You can write the notes in colored underlined fonts to mark the important lines. Another feature of this app is that you can create a to-do list.

You can add the daily, monthly, and long-term goals to achieve in this list. A daily task list can help you remind you of the work you need to complete. The best thing about the WeNote apk is that your sensitive information is always secure with two-step security options.

Main features

make a to do list with emoticons

Create notes

With this app, you can create important notes on your smartphones. You can note important thoughts, any process, your daily goals, passwords, and much more. This app becomes your diary with quick access to feaṭures. You can either note by typing the words, or you can write words just like you wrote in your notebooks with a pen. You can select the pen option in the app and write using your index finger as a pen. With this creative method, you don’t have to type the words, saving your time.

Colored notes

Another helpful feature of this app is creating unique colored notes. With colored notes, you can make some of the most important and unique notes. They can denote your upcoming goals, your important dates, or events. You can give a unique identity to these notes by coloring them. They will be your personalized notes, and they can donate your crucial information and tasks.


Instead of regular notes, you can use some of this app’s best notes making functions. You can create reminder notes that remind you about the tasks you have completed. If you want this app to remind you of any task, date, or event, you can create this type of note. The best benefit of making these notes is that you can use them as alarms. They will keep reminding you like the notifications unless you turn them off.

To-Do lists

With the WeNote, you cannot only create notes that you can use for a long time. You can also create notes for a short time, like a to-do list. The best use of a to-do list is to make a list of things you want to do in upcoming hours. The best example of this feature is creating shopping lists and daily task lists.

Why use WeNote apk?

see all your notes at one place secured.

WeNote can be your next favorite android app. It is a very featured and easy-to-use note-taking app. You can create different types of notes in this app. Write any critical thought as soon as it strikes your mind:

  • Note quotes, bank details, passwords, any login details, and much more. You can label them all with different colored tags to differentiate between them immediately.
  • Create multiple lists of notes and categorize them to find them instantly. You can highlight the text in different colors.
  • Add images to your messages to make them memorable and creative. You can remind notes; also, they can remind you of important tasks or details just like any alarm.

Your sensitive info is safe with this app to activate the pattern lock to access your notes. Use calendar notes and also remember the tasks according to the dates.

Unique features

  • Label your notes with different tags and colors.
  • You can add images to your notes to remember them well.
  • Secure your notes by activating the pattern lock.
  • Use colored fonts to highlight the texts.
  • Create a backup of your notes and sync them on WeNote Cloud or Google Drive.

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