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Are you ready to play an amazing warfare game with immersive gameplay and awesome robots that shoot missiles? If yes, then War Robots Apk is just designed for you. Please read this article to know all its features.

About War Robots

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War Robots apk is one of the most amazing sci-fi warfare games. In this game, you can use different giant robots to fight your opponent’s war robot. This gameplay is the battle between the hi-tech robots designed with deadly weapons. This game app has hundreds of cool robots from which you can fight. You will love to fight and watch the battles between the gain robots that have high damage power. In the open world of this game, you can do whatever you want once you equip your robot. Use them to fight the real hardcore battles. Or roam freely and destroy whoever you wish to.

Each battle robot has its unique ability and powerful attack that you can use at the right moment. So choose your robot wisely as your opponent will. Fly your robot with the help of jet boosters or shoot high damage laser weapons. Feel the adrenaline and fun you get by playing War Robots. There are many soundtracks that you can listen to between the fights. There are different fighting modes in this game in which you can either survive alone or fight together with a team.

Main features

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Robot collection

There are many different types of robots in War Robots Apk. There are at least 50 different types of robots, and all have different designs. Their power is tremendous, and their size is gigantic. Players will get some robots for free and some other premium robots the players will need to unlock. All the robots have unique abilities that only they can use. And you can combine special moves with high firepower weapons to cause high damage.


Customize them all, and you can customize your collected robots as you like. There are hundreds of customization features that you can choose to add or replace to your robots. These enhanced parts can increase the robots’ strength, damage power, speed, and flying ability. You can try these customizations in practice mode to prepare for the real battles. This way, you can customize the robots with practical experiments.

Multiplayer battles

In War Robots, you can fight the opponents in two different modes. First, you can play survival-type gameplay in which you will fight alone with multiple other players. And another mode is a multiplayer mode in which you can team up and fight against the other teams. The best fighting mode which will be most entertaining is a multiplayer mode where you can play the game with your friends. You can invite your friends in multiplayer mode to win against tough opponents.


There are many realistic locations in this game where you will battle. These battle arenas are designed with HD stunning graphics quality. These battle locations are made as realistic as they can be. This game will give you the console-level graphics experience to enjoy on the mobile platform. These locations will cover mountain ranges, cities, deserts, and many more.

Unique features

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  1. Screen Controls are customizable, and you can set them according to your playing method.
  2. Stunning visuals to enjoy that can give you the experience of console-level graphics quality.
  3. Advanced weapon upgrades to increase your weapon’s damage power.
  4. User-friendly interface to use every feature of the game quickly.
  5. Messaging options between the battles for the teams to coordinate well.

Why War robots apk?

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You can choose the War Robots Apk as your next favorite game for many reasons. You never get to play such an excellent game app on an android platform where you can control the giant battle robots. And there will be hundreds of battle robots to choose from that can become your avatar. Battle each other with those unique and powerful robots, shoot missiles and fire a whole magazine of machine guns. Not only that but some of the robots also have special moves that they can use according to their ranks. So play in the multiplayer battles and win to rank up. You will get many upgrades for your robots and powerful weapons to choose from. For solo players, this game is free for all and survivor matches. Have the feel of adrenaline in your blood and fight dozens of war robots alone.

Other resources

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  1. Check out this game on the play store also.
  2. Visit the official site for war robots to get more info.
  3. Check the Facebook page for this game.
  4. You can watch the official trailer of war robots.

Watch the war robot gameplay in this video:

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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