Voila AI v2.2 | Artist Cartoon Photo (Premium APK)

Do you feel editing photos takes a lot of time and does not give desired results? Then Voila AI Artist Cartoon Photo is the best choice for you. Sometimes, it just seems like a total waste of time when we edit our pics with full effort. But due to a lack of proper editing skills, the photos do not seem good. Or are you one of those people who are tired of using available filter apps?

Those apps which just whitewash your face to make you look better? But, do they even do justice to your real beauty? Do they let you be the real you? In most cases, the answer is NO. To come out of this trouble, We have brought a great deal for you. Now, we have got the best alternative to all of these editing apps, I.e., Voila AI Artist. To get detailed information about this app, please read the full article below. If you like the idea of this app and want to give it a try, you can easily download this application by pressing the download links given below.

Download Voila AI Mod Apk by pressing the download button on this page.

Turn your photos into cartoon through single click.

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Showing official pic of Voila AI Artist mod apk.

Due to the covid pandemic, everyone is somewhere stopped for a while. Everyone’s priority is theirs and their family member’s safety. Because of this, people are deciding to stay at home and work from home. Most industries have evolved themselves and forwarded their business online. Thanks to the growing technology day by day, somehow the workload has been lesser and people are getting some more extra time to relax and spend it with family. So at first, we decide to get some apps for entertainment but due to this fast-forwarding world, We get to see a huge number of editing apps available before us. But it is completely our choice to choose them. Then, why not use the best of them? Nowadays, The AI field is evolving continuously with a very fast speed and this app is surely a great result of it.

In the previous lockdown, we got to see the craze of the age-changing face apps. Everywhere, on all social platforms, we could see the results of that trend. Those apps can take you into your future by predicting your aged face or can take you to the past which you have experienced by turning your face into a child. The trends keep changing with time. And now the trend is coming of this amazing invention which would turn your photos into 2D and 3D cartoon characters, beautiful portraits, and many more vintage filters.

We all will accept that somehow someday, we all have watched cartoons in our childhood. And at that time, we always dreamt of getting our favorite character powers and looking like them. Voila AI Mod app will not give you any such powers but can turn you into your animated version. To know more about its features, read below the features section.


Cartoonize the face in your photos with Voila AI Artist mod apk.


We know that the most used digital appliance by most people is our mobile phones and desktops. According to research based on users, the result showed that people opt for smartphones more than desktops. And the main reason is the enhanced UI. The apps are focusing on improving their UI day by day. As a result, Voila AI Mod is one of the best examples. Its user interface is so simple that even while using it for the first time, the user gets so fascinated by this. It has an incredibly smooth functioning with a very fast edit speed. You will not have to wait endlessly for them to be created.


As I said above, we all had wished to be like some favorite animated characters in our childhood. But that dream is still a dream for most of us. Now, this app is giving us the chance to live that dream. You will be amazed by its results. VOILA AI ARTIST will give you a completely new look. This will turn your ordinary simple photos into many funny animated images. And its results do not end here, it can change your image into 2D and 3D cartoon characters and also can use some old-time filters. Then, your photos will look like artistic portraits.


You don’t need to create a group photo animated version person by person. To save your time, this app has an amazing feature that it can create multiple people animations in a photo at the same time. You can surprise your loved ones by making your memories into an animated version. It seems to be a very nice idea to give these amazing creations to someone as a gift.


Here, you will not have to create a user account to work or edit. You can edit your pictures without any login or sign-up method. It reduces the fear of revealing or transferring our data too.


If you get this app from the play store, then you will have to pay to remove the watermark from photos. But if you get Voila AI Mod from this page, then you will get all the pro features like removing watermarks without paying anything.

Pick different AI styles fro your photos.

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