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vivacut mod apk is a professional video editor,

Want a professional video editing app that can help you to create viral video content? If yes, then Vivacut Apk is the best choice you can get. Read this article to know all the details of the app. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.



hollywood chroma key with incredible video blending.

VivaCut apk is the most popular professional video editing app. With this video editing application, you can easily make high-quality editing to your created videos. You can make amazing videos that can easily go viral. Combine your video editing skills and the features of Vivacut Apk to create entertaining content. Videography and video editing are the two most demandable talents that are in trend these days. And with the amazing editing features of this app, you can create any normal video into an extraordinary one.

  • You can even create cinematic videos with high-quality visual effects.
  • There is an awesome collection of filters, creative themes, and special effects.
  • Add different types of audio files or awesome music collections with this app.
  • By adding the collection of songs you can add more entertainment and creativity to them.
  • Create videos with every type of content, share them easily on different social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Insta, and many more.
  • Edit and different types of background scenes that will create beautiful effects.
  • Cut, Merge, crop, and resize the videos very easily with this app.
  • Add different types of special effects to make the professional edits.
  • Download this video editor for free. Get the unlocked apk, with no water and no cracked.


Main features

amazon transitions done in 3 steps.

Creative edits

Vivacut Apk is the best choice when it comes to professional video editing. This app will not only help you to edit but will also show you the matching editing options. You can unleash your creative and imaginative powers. Just one tap and the most powerful editing options are ready for you to apply in the videos. Cut the long videos to make one smaller or you can merge the short video to get a longer version. This process becomes very easy with this app to edit your favorite videos.

Animation effects

There is an awesome collection of special effects, filters, themes, and many other features. This collection will help you to create just like the cinematic Hollywood movies type editing. Add different types of effects that will give your glowing effects, glitch effects and make your video more entertaining. Add different layers of special effects one by one in your videos just like the movie makers do. These videos can easily become viral with the amazing visual effects that filters create.

Background and chroma key

You can change the different types of background scenes in your video to get the cinematic effects. Change the background of the videos with beautiful scenes. This way you can create a more professional impact on the edited videos. And the chroma key is another beautiful feature of Vivacut Apk, that you can use to edit Hollywood movie-style videos. Chroma key is a visual effect technique that you can use in this app. With this feature, you can add 3D movie-type special effects to the videos.

Save and Share

With this app, you cannot only edit the videos but you can save and export the videos in HD quality. You can share your edited and saved video directly through this app. Share them on different social media and many other famous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. The best feature of this app is that it gives direct options to share videos on these famous sites.


Unique features

glitch video effects,

  1. Split and merge videos to make the different versions of the same videos.
  2. Merge different types of songs to make the most entertaining content available on the internet.
  3. Edit your videos frame by frame with the help of keyframe animation editing.
  4. Add different types of texts and HD animated stickers to your videos and make them more creative.
  5. Control the running speed of the videos and create slow motions and fast motions videos.


Why VivaCut apk?

pro video editor viva cut pro apk

You can choose Vivacut Apk as the best available professional video editor. This app has the most amazing video editing features that can help even the beginner to perform high-quality edits. You can use the vast collection of special effects, filters, themes, and special visual effect techniques. Add all these effects to the video to create realistic HD animation videos. Split the videos into smaller parts and use each one of them as the original. Or merge the different types of video to create a longer version.

You can create videos on different types of content like entertainment, action, animated, funny, and many more. Save the video in HD and share them directly on social media apps. Use green screen effects to create Hollywood movie-style editings. You will not need the highly expensive camera and software for professional edits with this app. Make premium videos with a viva cut and green screen. Create slow motions, text animations, and animate transitions.


  • Easy to use editing options
  • Create standards of Hollywood-style editing.
  • Save and share the videos in HD quality
  • Make video collages
  • Free app to use


  • Sometimes app crashes
  • Templates do not work often
  • The special effects in the videos are not applied

Unique features

  • No watermark
  • No ads to annoy
  • Paid features are available for free.


Other resources

incredible video blending with keyframe animation.

  1. Check out VivaCut on the play store.
  2. Visit the official website of this app
  3. Official Instagram page of Vivacut
  4. Visit the Facebook official page of Vivacut



many effects in one app

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How to save a video from Vivacut/ Vivavideo to the gallery?

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