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A good video media player app is a must application nowadays. Many video player apps are available for android devices. Some don’t have enough features, and some have unwanted ads. We bought you a new video player app. Use the video buddy app and experience the best 4k watching moments on your smartphone.

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go to any timeframe instantly.

Video buddy is a fast and efficient video media player application and the best option you will find for any android device. Other media players like the MX player and the VLC media player are available for android. These players are good but have some shortcomings. These shortcomings are solved in the video buddy app. The best thing about it is its file managing feature. You can short your video files in many ways. Sort them by their name, format, size or time. It is a simple app and has a fantastic interface.

You can easily get the video buddy app and download the latest version on the google play store. You can also get it from dozens of third-party sites, a popular smartphone application. Furthermore,  You can download videos from it. If you have a video that you get from someone, you can only download the required languages’ subtitles from the app. You can watch videos in most of the available formats in the app. You don’t need to download other video players for any respective video. The app doesn’t have any bugs and is full proof secure, and regular updates bring new features and security patches for it.

You will find it very easy while watch any video. Seeking forward and backwards, in just sliding it. You can jump to any specific time frame by inserting the time in the app. The best experience you will get is watching any 4K video.


a well sorted file manager.

Video downloader

Apart from a video player, it is also a video downloader. You can download Facebook and youtube videos by pasting their URL in the app. You can also choose the size and quality of the video that you need to download. It has a video library in which you can watch the video online. Stream comedy videos or movies instantly by the app. It contains many popular movies from Hollywood and Bollywood in it.

Videos aspects

While watching any video or movie, you can change the aspect ratio of your video. If you want to see bigger in the same aspect ratio, you can pinch-zoom in and zoom out with your two fingers. Change brightness and volume instantly by sliding the sliders at the corners of the screen.

Run every format

The video buddy video player is your final solution for every format of the video. It supports almost every video format nowadays like AVI, 3GP, WMV, RMVB, M4V, MOV, MP4, MKV, TS, MPG, FLV, and MPGAV. Earlier, most of the players don’t support one or two formats, and then we have to download a different player for them.


The interface is very simple and looks elegant. You can change the theme of the app and watch offline and online videos. There are many ads in between, but you can block them with some simple options in the settings.

Pros and cons

watch 4k video smoothly.


  • The app is all format stop for your video. It runs almost every video format that is available for the android platforms.
  • You can watch 4k videos very smoothly in the app.
  • There is an option of blocking ads in the app, which is very handy.
  • You can sleek forward and backwards easily or go to a particular time frame by inserting the time.
  • You can screenshot your favourite moments from any video or movie in this app.


  • There are many advertisements in the app that keep on irritating.
  • There are many options of apps similar to this that look more good.
  • The movies and content it provides for streaming are generally common, which you can find on youtube.

Other information

Important link

Visit the app page of the google play store by clicking here. You can read the reviews and more about the app from there.


Is Videobuddy safe and legal to download?

Video buddy is fully safe and legal to download. You can download it from the google play store or our website. Follow the steps given above in the article for video buddy apk download.

Is video buddy available on the play store?

Yes, it is available in the play store.

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