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If you own a smartphone, then it is for sure you use anyone social messaging apps like WhatsApp and telegram. These apps are beneficial when you need to contact your family or friends without the need to call them straight. But there are multiple shortcomings in these applications. We bought you a perfect social messaging application that you can use and avail of all its benefits.

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share emojis and stickers.

Social messaging apps are pretty popular and useful today. They are must-have applications if you use a smartphone. It is beneficial for communicating with your friends and family. It works through the internet and costs nothing. You can voice and video call also and make groups engage for a particular topic or region. Texting is still one of the most preferred ways of communicating, especially for the young generation. Many applications are prevalent, like Whatsapp or telegram. They are good, but still, there are many shortcomings and negatives in these apps that make them not suitable for everyone.

Use the Viber messaging app to use its many functions that you will not find in any other applications mentioned above. Using it is very simple and convenient. The interface is simple as it gets. All the features are almost similar to other applications but provide a better approach for using them. It is a fast application that works almost an average data connection. All the messages are sent and received very fast. You can voice and video calls instantly and clearly, which very few apps can pull through efficiently. 

Apart from connectivity, privacy is another feature that makes it unique and more memorable than other messaging apps. It connects through end-to-end encryption, and only the senders and receiver can exchange the worlds. No third-party user can hack or disturb the connection between two individuals. It allows to make groups and make group calls and conferences. The video calling experience will be better than others because it provides a good connection.


end to end ecvyrption keeps your chat safe.


The interface of the Viber app is simple and looks elegant. The interface looks modern and advanced. You can toggle among many features of the app very efficiently. There is also a feature of applying status that remains only for 24 hours. It is very beneficial if you want to give someone wishes for any special occasion and share any memories for a particular day.

Make calls and video chats.

The application is swift and efficient. It will provide a better calling experience than any other messaging app. The connection is secure and fast. There is no lagging and video stuck in between. Just a friendly video call with your loved ones. Also, make group calls and video calls to talk to all of them simultaneously. I can bet you it will be a better experience than any other application you have used. 

Enjoy cross-platform usage

Now use your Viber account on any platform and device. Use it on your smartphone, tablet and for pc. You need to scan a QR code in the browser, and it will load data through the servers. It will help you share files through your Viber contacts on your pc or another device. All the devices will be easily synced and can be logged out very quickly through your phone.

Make your traditional calls.

Viber has a unique feature that you can do traditional calls. It is a helpful tool if you travel to remote places without any internet connection. You have to make a plan from Viber that is also relatively cheap. 

Pros and cons

make efficient and fast calls.


  • The interface is simple and convenient. You will not have any problems while toggling different features of the app.
  • You can make efficient video calls without lags and buffers. Make conference and group calls.
  • You can also make traditional calls. Use the Viber web on your pc.
  • There are no ads, and using almost every app feature is free.


  • The desktop version of the app needs work. It keeps on logging out automatically.
  • Sending voice messages is a little bit cumbersome. Recent updates have made some drastic downgrades to the app.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following google play store link to read the reviews and more about the app.


Is Viber safe?

Viber follows an end-to-end encryption technology to keep all your data and conversation safe and secure. No third party, not even Viber, can read the conversation between two individuals.

How to download Viber chat history and messages?

How to download Viber on iPhone?

Just visit the Apple store on your iPhone, download the Viber apk, and use it just like any android device.

How to download Viber stickers and pictures? 

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