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If you like to download movies, games, and other software for free. Then the uTorrent downloader is the best choice for you. Download uTorrent apk to enjoy all its features. And read this article to know more about this app.

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About Utorrent apk

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uTorrent apk is the lightning-fast download manager to download torrent files. Torrent files are small-sized files that can only be opened by a torrent downloader. These files are the medium for any torrent download manager to download anything for you. By downloading the files you want from a torrent downloader gives many benefits.

Your downloads never get an error, they are resumable and links can never expire. There are many other methods online by which you can download your favorite games, movies, and software. But you should choose a torrent platform as the large-size files can be downloaded in many days without the link getting expired. Your downloads are resumable even after a few days. uTorrent enhances your downloading experience as you can track down the progress for every single minute.

Some new features of the uTorrent apk can help you to download your large files easily. Some pc games and software can have a size of more than 50 GB and even 100 GB. So, to download these large types of files this app provides battery saving and data saving features. You can also set the speed limiter if your internet data is limited. You can access the files even when they are being downloaded. App download apk, with features.

Main features of Utorrent

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Fast downloads

With the help of uTorrent, you always get the lightning-fast speed to download any file. The technology or we can say its downloading method plays a vital role. It uses the P2P connection to enhance your downloading speed. P2P stands for ‘Peer-to-Peer’ connection. It is a unique method of downloading the files in which they are split into different types of small files and after the download completes they are merged into one large file again. And in the method, it doesn’t matter which part of the file is reaching first. Download movies for smart tv.

Saves Data

This application not only downloads the files at an incredible pace. But you can also save some amount of internet data with this app. As we all know that the large files can be several GB’s and take lots of data to download. But with the uTorrent, you can also save the data that is used in the access amount. If you want then you can download the files without any speed limit and download size limit. But if you want to save data then you can use the speed limiter of this app to download at a stable and continuous rate.

No limits

With the powerful and reliable features of this torrent download manager, there are no limits that can bound you. You are free to download any type of file without any size limit. The files can be of any size and can take as many days as they can. The speed of the downloads will depend on your network connection as uTorrent has no speed limit or restrictions. Download games that can be over 100 GB and download movies, videos, and many more files with lightning-fast speed.

UI design

uTorrent has an excellent UI design that helps you to access all its features easily. This app has a beautiful theme and light UI design. It can run smoothly on even low specs devices. This design gives you many advantages over other torrent downloaders. It gives fast processing speed so that we can use uTorrent with speed. The method to download the torrent is very easy with this app. You can also change the name of the file and download location before downloading the files.

Unique features

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  1. Watch videos or movies while being download
  2. The dark mode is supported to relax your eyes stressed by the bright colors.
  3. In-built music and video player to enjoy watching and listening to downloaded files.
  4. Choose magnet links to download as they can improve your downloading experience.
  5. No size limit to downloading large files.

Why uTorrent apk?

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You should choose the uTorrent apk as your next favorite download manager because of many reasons. It can download large files with incredible speed. You can even resume the magnet links after some days and the download will begin from the last progress. There are no size limits or speed restrictions to download large files. With the beautiful user interface, you can view the downloading progress second by second.

This app is completely a hassle-free way to download any type of file like movies, games, heavy software. Watch movies or videos while downloading them. Save mobile data and switch to Wi-Fi while downloading the files. And activate the speed limiter to save the mobile data. This app also has battery-saving mode and no speed restriction occurs while you download. By downloading this app from this site you will get the full version for free. Get updates for the latest version.


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  1. Easy to use
  2. The fast downloading speed with P2P connection
  3. Can download large files over 100GB also
  4. Saves data and battery while downloading
  5. Multiple or batch downloading can be done easily.


  1. Ads are annoying
  2. App crashes without reason

Advanced features

  1. Ads-free usage
  2. Features are free to use.


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Is uTorrent any good?

Yes, uTorrent is a reliable and powerful downloading manager which can download large files with resumable links.

uTorrent files not downloading?

It can be a torrent setting error. Reading this article has some ways to resolve different types of issues.

How to use an uTorrent app on mobile?

Read this article and learn.

Where does uTorrent save the files?

Files will be downloaded in the location that you have specified. To change the file locations you can read this article.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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