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If you are looking for a dictionary app, you can learn new words daily and increase your vocabulary. Then U dictionary apk is definitely for you. Read in detail about this app and its features in the article below.

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About U-Dictionary

with this app you learn english vey well.

U-Dictionary apk is one of the most popular dictionary apps, which has many unique and amazing features for you. With this app, you can access the official Oxford dictionaries and learn new words in over 12 different languages. You know in-depth about a word from usage native examples of exacting synonyms and antonyms in a sentence. In the corporate world, our personality is reflected in how we communicate with others in English or any other language. So it is better to have a good vocabulary and learn new words every day. And a U dictionary translator will help you with that. There are various language videos, games, and quizzes that will help you master any language. Translate many different languages like your dictionary English to Hindi.

You can add the difficult or special word into a special folder for future reference. By giving your few minutes daily on this app, you can improve your vocabulary. U Dictionary apk is not just a simple dictionary app, and it is more than that. With its smart translation features, you can translate the texts between two languages from over 108 languages. Already more than millions of users around the globe are using this app for translation and as an e-dictionary. You can have the latest version of u-dictionary download from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

Translate text in pictures

U-dictionary apk has amazing features with which you can find out the translation of any text in pictures. You have to tap on the camera icon and click the picture. Then crop the text, and this app will automatically give you the translation into your desired language. It is a very useful feature if you travel to a different country and don’t know its native language. Then this app will help you, and it can recognise the texts and give the best results.

Correct errors in texts and chats

It is the most amazing feature of this app whenever you chat with your friends on social networks. Then it can automatically mark the error in your sentences. You give your friends, colleagues and boss a good experience by using the proper grammar in your emails and messages. This app will never let you get embarrassed in front of others due to spelling or grammar errors. It can be your language teacher and will help you correct your errors.

Works even offline

Unlike the other translation and dictionary apps, u-dictionary works even without an internet connection. You can translate any documents and text in your language anywhere and anytime, and the quality of your internet connection will not affect the translation process. It has an offline package of 44 languages, synonyms, antonyms and a wordnet dictionary. You can even play spelling and grammar games and improve your language. It is an ideal translation app for you if you study or travel in a foreign language.

Smart UI

To make the user experience more comfortable and flexible, this app has high quality animated graphics for you. It is specially designed so that you can easily use this app. You will find all the required options. With a single click on this app, you can find out the translation of any text. You add the widget and find the meaning of a word in less than a minute. It has flexible settings, which you set according to your preference.

Why install U-dictionary translator apk?

udictionary pro apk is most magical tanslating app.

With a large growing community, u-dictionary apk is among the top dictionary apps. With this app, you can improve your vocabulary and learn about new words daily. It has official Oxford dictionaries in over 12 languages to get in-depth knowledge. You can know about the usage in sentences, extensive examples, synonyms, antonyms and many more. With this app, you can even translate any text between two languages. You have to click the picture of text or documents, and then this app will automatically recognise and translate it into your language. It even supports voice to voice translation which you can use while travelling to a foreign country. You can even play the fun quiz and puzzles to improve your language. This app can work even without an internet connection to find the translation of any text anywhere and anytime.

Unique features of U-dictionary

this app has camera translation which can help you to scan the text for translation.

  • You can use the voice to voice translation.
  • It has a translation package for 58 languages.
  • It has a dark mode feature to protect your eyes.
  • You can use Original U Dictionary oxford.
  • A U-Dictionary translator is the best way to understand foreign languages.


udictionary pro apk has oxford dictionary which helps you to learn more complex terms.

UDictionary app is from which country?

The country of origin is China for U-Dictionary, and the app was launched in 2016.

How to download U Dictionary for pc?

You can download U Dictionary from the site popularapk.
Just open the site and search for u dictionary.
Click on the app and scroll until you see the download button on the results page.

Other apps like U-Dictionary?

The best alternatives of U-Dictionary are:
Google Translate
Mate Translate
Libe Translator

Can we use U-Dictionary offline?

U-Dictionary is an offline app with over 30 languages.

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