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Many think radio is obsolete technology, but the popularity of podcasts, audiobooks, and music have increased. Live streaming radio is yet popular again. Radio is handy for getting some information and listening to something interesting while cooking, traveling, or working out in the gym. Use the TuneIn Radio application to discover the many uses of radio.

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listen to music, news and podcasts.

Listen to live sports, radio, audiobooks and podcasts with the help of TuneIn radio. You will get all the popular channels all around the world. Now you don’t need to search for signals for listening radio. Now you can access radio channels through the internet. It contains the world’s most extensive live and on-demand audio services and files library. You can access all these files for free with a simple internet connection.

Never miss any important sports match anywhere. Whether it is basketball, football or cricket, the TuneIn Radio will let you access top league matches of many different sports. The radio stations have over 100,000 AM and FM stations. Now discover and listen to the radio of different genres and topics like sports, news, music and stories. It also has a vast library of podcasts to give entertainment anywhere and anytime. Aside from streaming all the content, the many additional customizations and personalizations open up new possibilities to enhance people’s activity and interaction.

It is effortless to customize the app according to your need and requirement. The interface makes it very easy to search and sort the content. Just plug your headphones and listen to a wide variety of content. When going on a long journey, not just listen to your old boring songs. Listen to something different which will give you a lot of important information. Try the TuneIn Radio application and share anything you like with your friends.


stream online radio stations.

A wide variety of content

Now, forget listening same old songs while driving or commuting to work. Listen to news, sports matches, stories, podcasts, etc. The app has more than 100,000 FM radio stations of various genres. Listen to new music and never miss any sports match. It is effortless to browse content in its vast library.

Elegant interface

The interface is elegant and looks modern. All the main features are available on the home screen only. You can toggle among different functions in it. Search your favourite topics to listen to podcasts or radio very easily. There are no ads in the interface to hinder your entertaining experience.

Music stations

Apart from listening to radio and podcasts, the TuneIn radio app has various music stations. You can listen to something different daily apart from your regular music. There is a list of genres and languages to listen to new songs. You can listen to some retro music stations and enjoy the past.

Stream quality

If you are having problems with your internet quality, you can change the streaming quality of your content. There is no stopping the listening. You can choose among different quality from 32kbps, 64kbps, or 128kbps. There is not much difference in the quality, but you will get a better connection.

Pros and Cons

listen to enless music.


  • A convenient interface that allows streaming and searching for different listening content for free. You can browse between different genres.
  • You can listen to your favorite sports match and news.
  • It contains many music stations of different genres. Listen to new music in different languages.
  • There is more than 300,000 variety of listening content of different genres and languages.
  • There are no ads to interfere with, and you can change the streaming quality of the audio.


  • You have to take the pad subscription to the app to listen to sports matches.
  • The paid customer doesn’t get much variety than the free version.
  • Pop-ups keep on coming to disable the data saving mode of the phone.

Other information

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Is TuneIn radio offline?

Though the TuneIn radio streams online content through the internet, it also lets you download podcasts and other on-demand content on your device.

Is TuneIn radio free on iPhones?

TuneIn Radio is free to download and use on android and iPhone devices. You have to get a premium subscription to the app for some of the unique features.

Is TuneIn radio free on Alexa?

TuneIn comes preloaded for free on all Alexa-enabled devices and offers listeners FM, AM, and internet radio and podcasts worldwide.

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