Tubi v4.23.2 (APK)- Download | Latest Version 2022

Do you love watching movies and shows? We brought you the finest streaming app that is all you need right now. Now, no more taking a subscription of the individual streaming apps to watch your favorite content. Watch all the entertainment content on your smartphone free using the Tubi app.

To know more about the app, read the article given below. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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What is Tubi?

search the content by actor, genre or name.

OTT platforms revolutionized the entertainment industry completely. Many big movies come on them without being released on a big screen. It is pretty popular among the modern generation who like to watch movies and series. The problem with these platforms is their huge subscription rates, which one requires to watch the content. Now, no more subscription requirements as we brought you an application that lets you watch the popular movies and series free of cost on your smartphone.

You can watch movies and series free on the Tubi app. You don’t need to make a monthly subscription to the app. You require only to watch a few ads that are not frequent. Apart from it, many additional features are available in the app to make your content watching experience excellent. You also don’t have to register or make a new account with the app. Just open the app and watch the content directly without any hardship. There are options for watching the content online, or you can also download it from many different sources.

It would be best if you had a good internet connection while using the app. You can search for different movies by genre, actors, and movie names. The recommendation section on the home screen keeps your taste intact by recommending the content you will like. The movie collection in the app is far from the best. You will find movies and shows released on all the other streaming services. You can change the quality of content according to your requirement or by your internet connection capacity.


recommends the best content for you.


The interface of the app is elegant and looks very good. You can use it very easily. The player window is one of the best among the streaming apps. Some suitable options and tools make your movie-watching experience perfect.


The movies and shows collection of the Tubi app is one of the largest. You can find almost all the movies and shows uploaded on other streaming sites that are not on any streaming app. You can search among them using the search option, where you can search the movie name, genre, and other information about the content.

Foreign content

Although most of the content on this app is in English, you can also watch the content in foreign languages. In-app, the content is available from the US, Japan, Korea, and many other countries. You can choose the language among the options and also select the subtitles.


You can make a playlist personal to you or for different occasions. Any movies you want to select for a friend’s night out or someone special. You can make a playlist for different reasons. When you are browsing among the content, bookmark the content you like, you can save all these on a particular playlist in your library.


Use the tubi free movies and tv shows as a free streaming app on your device. You can watch the latest content as fast as in any other resource. The developers update the content on the app daily, and new movies and series are always available in the library.

Pros and cons

one of the greatest content library.


  • It is a free streaming app that lets you watch the latest and most popular content.
  • Download the Tubi android from our website to get all the instructions on the site.
  • The latest content and movies are updated regularly on the app.
  • Excellent selection and organization. Easy to find films or tv shows.


  • Many users experienced lags and freezes during the commercial.
  • You have to watch ads before playing the original content.
  • The autoplay option is beyond annoying every time you open the app.

Other information

Important links

  • Visit the following google play store link of the app. Read the reviews and more about the app:


What are top-rated movies on tube tv?

Top-rated movies available on Tubi tv are Lion (2016), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008), Pretty Woman (1990), Django Unchained (2012), and many more.

What are other apps like Tubi tv?

Similar apps like Tubi tv are Pluto tv, plex, Canela tv, fubo tv, and many more.

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