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Truecaller blocks spammer at bay.

Truecaller Apk Introduction

Truecaller is the worlds best caller ID.

If anyone is annoying you with phone calls and with different phone numbers then Truecaller is the best solution for you. Truecaller apk is one of the best and most advanced caller ID; spam blocking apps available for android devices. With this app, the users can easily get to know the caller ID of any person.

  • This app is specially designed for users; who usually attend unknown calls for business purposes.
  • With the help of this app, the users can easily find the name of the person who is calling; and if there are any problematic calls or spam then the apk will alert you; before receiving the call.
  • This app can work as the alternate call manager and dialer if the user sets it as the default app.
  • With the easy features of this app, users can easily manage their calls and block unknown or spam calls. And with this method, the unknown calls will not annoy you.
  • With Truecaller apk the users will get their calls, messages, and chats all in one place they do not have to go to multiple apps to access each one separately.


Main features

Advanced caller Id

Truecaller mod apk logo.

Truecaller apk app has the most powerful and advanced caller id feature with the spam blocking feature. With this feature, the users will easily get to know the name of the person who is calling. And if there is any type of fraud or spam call then this app will show you the details and alert you.

The feature is very powerful and lets you know about the caller info even before the person has called. The users can also use the voice calling feature to contact their friends and colleagues for free.


Powerful spam blocking and fraud protection

Truecaller mod apk - logo with spam identification screen,

Truecaller can save the users from any type of spam and fraud calls. It can alert you even before the call has been made and it will tell you your name on-screen when the call comes. The users can easily identify and block telemarketers, robot calls, scammers calls, and many more suspicious calls.

The users can also give their opinion for any particular call and if the maximum number of users have marked the call as spam then the app automatically alerts the other users and saves them. This method is called community-based reporting.

The users can also block the foreign calls with a unique method of detecting the number sequences like similar digit numbers and special digit numbers or particular country codes.


Excellent messaging features

must have features for an app like truecaller

Truecaller apk not only handles the calling area but it is a special all-in-one caller id app that can also manage the messages of a device. There are many smart options to handle the messages in this app. This app automatically identifies and alerts you about any unknown or suspicious message.

The telemarketing messages and spam are automatically blocked and after blocking it gives the notification about the message. This app has awesome layout features for the messages and it organizes them based on different categories like spam, personal, others, and many more.


Unique features of Truecaller apk

truecaller without background.

The Truecaller apk has many different types of unique features with stunning animated effects in the user interface. The features are easy to use and can be activated in a few clicks.

The users don’t have to worry about their phones’ data as it has advanced privacy protection features. All the chat history, calls, and messages, and settings can be saved to google drive and with this feature, the users can backup their data and restore them as they want.

There are many different themes in which the users can use this app. And to protect the eyes of the users Truecaller has the dark theme mode also. While chatting with this app the users can use creatively designed unique stickers and emojis which makes the conversation more enjoyable.


Truecaller gold features

get truecaller gold subscription for free.

Truecaller gold subscription provides the users the special features by which they can do much more amazing functions than normal users. They will get special access to the unique features which normal users don’t get.

  • The users will get a notification if someone sees their profile info.
  • There are no annoying ads that will irritate the users while using the app.
  • The gold users can even record their calls automatically with the help of Truecaller and they can listen to them in a separate folder.
  • Incognito mode is available for the users to see someone’s profile without getting them notified.
  • The true caller gives its gold users the special golden badge and it looks very cool when they make calls.
  • The gold users can request 30 contacts per month according to their plans.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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