Traffic Rider v1.81 [Apk]

red bike and blue cars, this game is so fun to play

Traffic Rider Apk introduction

traffic rider allows you play yamaha r1 super bike

Traffic Rider is one of the most elite bike racing games ever built for mobile platforms. With Traffic Rider Apk, the players will get to enjoy the amazing fast-paced racing matches. This game is specially designed for gamers who love to play racing games and action games. In this game, the players have to ride the bike through the dense traffic without getting hit by any vehicle.

  • The players have to control the speed of the bike in this game to get through the traffic safely but without decreasing their points.
  • Traffic Rider will test the players’ bike riding skills and this game also follows the real physics of driving the bike.
  • So the players can perform different driving skills like making sharp turns, overtaking the vehicles, and cutting to avoid getting hit by any vehicles.
  • There are epic locations in Traffic Rider where the players can drive and have fun playing the levels.
  • The players can compete for their scores with the other players from all over the world through the leadership board.
  • With the balance, the players can increase the speed as they feel right because the score will increase faster if the players increase the speed. 

Main features

HD Graphics and Sound quality 

bike tyres and bus front is shown in the image

This game has the best-animated graphics and sound quality. The graphics levels of this mobile game rival even the console-level graphics and the players can also have fun by playing the game on big screens like the android tv and pc also. And not only the graphics but the sound quality of this game is very awesome and the players can use the earphones to enhance the sound effects of the game


Epic Driving Locations

drive on the road with incoming and outgoing traffic with cars and trucks

In this game, there are many exotic racing locations in which the players can have fun. The players can drive through the different types of highways and vehicles. Every new location will have different types of vehicles and city structures. The climate conditions in the game also vary according to the location in which they will play. Some of the highways in this game have snow from snow-type weather and rain from rainy weather. 


Amazing collection of Bikes in Traffic Rider

you can choose from 20 plus motobikes in traffic rider mod apkk

This game has the best collection of bikes which the players can have fun by driving. All the bikes are super fast and designed with very cool animations effects. There are classic bikes, super-fast racing bikes, and normal scooters also. The sound effects from all the bikes come as if they are in real life. Some of the best bikes in the game are locked in the game and the players have to unlock them by winning different levels. 


Career Mode

swift through black cars and red cards and make way for ambulance

Traffic Rider Apk has different types of gaming modes and the most exciting game mode is the career mode. In this game mode, the players get the chance to play the epic missions and the players will get many rich rewards that the players will get by completing them. These designed missions have different locations of the game and players will find it very tough to complete them. Without the right strategy, these missions are very hard to complete. 


Unique features of Traffic Rider apk

traffic rider mod

This game has many unique features with stunning graphics and high-quality animated effects. The characters in this game reflect high-quality detailed animated effects. The maps and different racing locations in this Traffic Rider apk have very realistic HD graphics.

The amazing collection of 20+ bikes in this game reflects the real-life bikes and the sound effects of the bikes sound like real bikes which makes the game very amazing to play.

  • The players can upgrade the performance of the bikes by winning the levels.
  • The career mode in Traffic Rider Apk has an amazing 70+ missions for the players to experience the real fun of racing.
  • The game supports the 20+ major languages from all over the world so that the players from different countries can play and enjoy.
  • With smooth and easy control the game has a user-friendly interface.
  • And with all these excellent features this game is free to download and play. 


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

How to install APK, XAPK, OBB files

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