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Do you see your friends earning thousands through stock markets but don’t understand how it works? Don’t worry; we brought you an app that lets you easily do stock trading without much effort. It is built especially for the beginner to explain every feature and function of the app conveniently and easily. Use the tradingview application with its simple UI to do the stock market trading.

To know more about the features and to work on tradingview app, read the following article. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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the technical analyses of the market.

Smartphone technology has revolutionized many sectors and businesses, and stock marketing is one of these sectors. Now, you don’t have to search agents and give them certain charges to buy and sell stocks. Now, you can do all these things with your phone. You may feel like it is very complex to work in the stock market, but that is not the case. The stock market is as simple as any new video game. You may find it complex in the first use, but you will learn quickly by working on it. The finance sector is one of the biggest beneficiaries of smartphone technology. It is very easy to send and receive messages and money through it.

The tradingveiw apk is designed simply for the amateur. It is best for the beginner who doesn’t know much about trading. In the first use, the users learn every basic of trading through their tutorial guide tour of the app. There may be many other trading applications that you may find in the google play store. But working in them is very tiresome and complex. The tradingview gives you the best way of learning trading through simple means. At the tradingview all the data is real-time and collected by professional traders. So you can believe in them without much thought. But first, you must learn to study these data. These data may look complex, but once you know to read them, these data will make you rich.

Features of the tradingview application

keep your favourite stocks in watchlist.

The interface

The interface of the tradingview app is developed simple, especially for beginners to learn to trade. The professionals collect the data it provides. They have direct and extensive access to stock quotes, futures, popular indices, and others. With the tradingview, you can also trade cryptocurrencies. The app listed all the popular cryptos like bitcoin, Ethereum, Matic, and others.

Advanced charts

The quality of charts it provides is even better than many desktop applications in terms of quality. The app is free, but its features and quality are too premium. There are altogether 10 types of charts to analyze the market from different angles. You first have to learn to study these charts; then, everything you do will only bring money.

Real-time data from global exchanges

With the tradingview application, you can access data in real-time on more than 100,000 instruments from over 50 exchanges worldwide. You can trade with any of these exchanges in real-time.


The tradingveiw apk has the features of maintaining a watchlist of your favorite stocks and exchanges. Track major global indices, stocks, currency pairs, bonds, futures, mutual funds, commodities, and cryptos. You can visit the app regularly to set notifications for the changes in your favorite stocks’ market.

Pros and cons

all major global exchanges.


  • The tradingview app is simple to use and very beneficial for first-time users who want to learn trading from scratch.
  • There are more than 10 advanced charts in the app that you can use to predict the market.
  • All the major global indices are available to watch in the app.
  • You can set your favorite stocks and cryptos in your watchlists.


  • The app is full of bugs. You keep refreshing the app, and it keeps on crashing on its own.
  • They keep on changing the format and moving things in the app. It is hard to keep track of all the features in it.
  • The new UI they installed with the latest update is very complex.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following links on the google play store to read the reviews and more about the tradingview app.


What is the tradingview app used for?

The trading view app is used for buying and selling stocks from your smartphone. You can do trading and earn lakhs with the help of your smartphone. Apart from stocks, you can also buy cryptocurrencies with the app.

Is the tradingview app free?

Yes, the tradingview app is free to download and use.

How to set up a trading view chart?

You can watch the following YouTube video for this.

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