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Everyone likes anime and cartoon styles. But if we say that now you can play games with anime characters, what would be better than that? Play the tower of fantasy, an adventurous role-playing game that lets you explore a whole new planet and its people. There is more to it than cute anime characters.

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get anime-styled characters.

The tower of fantasy apk is a high-end game that you need right now. If you got bored playing the same old action games with cheap graphics and animations, this game is best for you. In this game, you get to explore a new planet. On this planet, you can make your characters. The characters are highly customizable, and you can make anything here. After creating your characters, you get to explore the planet with its magical characteristics.

The gameplay of the game is simple but exciting. The game is self-explanatory and easy to play. In this game, many other magical characters are your enemies. You have to fight with these enemies and win to get rewards. The game is exciting and provides mesmerizing things to see and experience. You will not get bored while playing the game as the developers keep adding new exciting things.

If you love playing video games, you should try this game. The game is perfect for any age group. Whether you are a kid who plays an action-oriented game or an adult who wants to experience captivating gameplay. The stories in the game are engaging and interesting. You will never feel out of sync with the game as it best keeps its audiences engaging. Try the game and if you like it, then share it with your friends.

Features of the tower of fantasy


battle experience in a new level.

The gameplay of the game is simple. It is similar to any other action game where you can use some moves and control your character in a fight. It includes battles, wars, and action. The controls of the game are also customizable and straightforward. You can set it according to your needs and requirements. Apart from simple attacks and defense, you can also use your power shots. The game is 3D which gives a better experience of the fighting arena.


There are tons of characters in the game. You can customize your characters and make new characters, also. There are rare and super rare characters in the game. Some characters are Ene, Hilda, Bai Ling, Manaka, Pepper, and others.

Different levels.

This game is for everyone. If you are a beginner and don’t play many video games, then you can play in the accessible mode of the game. It lets you learn all the ins and outs of the game, and you can increase the difficulty afterward. Each level has its battles that are characterized according to the level mode.

Some more features of the game

start your fantasy adventure.

  • Enjoy and explore many of the most novel and fascinating storylines to discover the mysterious truths hidden inside.
  • Enjoy and admire a cast of charming characters and learn more about each person’s personality and preferences.
  • Optionally give yourself a level of freedom, as long as it suits your level and playing ability.
  • Unleash your passion through the most novel quests about the fate and future of this world.

Pros and cons


  • The game provides anime-style characters that look awesome.
  • The graphics and animation of the game are fantastic.
  • The storyline and controls of the actions are easy to understand.
  • There are many characters in the game that makes the game more interesting.


  • The game lags very often in low-end smartphones.
  • The game has lots of bugs and freezes in between.

Other information

Important links

Visit the following link of the google play store to read the reviews and learn more about the game.


Is tower of fantasy available on android?

Tower of defense is available both for android and iOS platforms.

Is tower of fantasy banned in India?

Yes, tower of fantasy is banned in India. You will not find the app on the google play store.

How to download the tower of fantasy?

Download the tower of fantasy apk from this site by following the steps above in the article.

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