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If you want to perform professional photo editing with natural effects? Then we can suggest to you an awesome photo editing app which is called “Touch Retouch apk”. Read the full article to know more about this app. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.



easily remove unwanted items on mobile.

TouchRetouch Apk is a professional photography tool app that can enhance the beauty of any photo. Nowadays, everyone likes to click selfies and their perfectly clicked pics. You all like to show your photos to your friends and family members. And the best way to show is to upload the images to the social media world. But what if someone finds any flaw in your photos like blurriness, dirt objects, and many other things. And that is the situation when photo editing apps come. But all these apps have their typical editing ways and heavy processes which cannot be easy to perform.

If you use TouchRetouch apk, you can perform excellent quality editing in just a few clicks. This app has a hassle-free process to edit any photo. Anyone can perform high-quality professional edits. You can use the amazing collection of special effects and animated filters to edit your pics.

  • Give the best retouching effect to your photos and just make them perfect.
  • This app has a very easy way to remove the objects that you don’t want in your photos.
  • You will not need expensive and heavy software to retouch your photos.
  • You will get the licensed version.
  • Download this app for free and remove any unwanted objects that you don’t like in the photos.
  • You will get the apk from our site which will have all features.
  • Get the latest version for free.


Main features

touchretouch mod apk

One-touch fix

With this app, you can easily give the perfect retouching effects to your photos. Even you can even fix the editing errors of another app with this app. Fix the different types of blurring effects in the photos and remove the errors which affect your photos badly. Different types of glitches can also be fixed by this app, which makes the person in the pic look funny.


Just erase anything from your photos and I mean anything. You can erase or remove the electricity wires and poles from your photos which disturbs the background look. Remove the unwanted people who photobomb your moment. Different types of objects can be removed from this app and even the bad face marks. Just remove anything that annoys you. This is the best cloth remover app.

Easy to use

The features of TouchRetouch Apk are very easy to use. With this app, even the beginner can perform high-quality edits. You will love the special type of filters that you can use to edit your photos. They change the contrast levels and brightness effects completely in your photos. And special effects just create the best of the illusions. You can see the glowing effect, blur effects, and many more. And these all the features can be simply applied with one tap.


You can watch the tutorials presented by this app to perform excellent editing. These tutorials are easy to use, and you will learn very fast with simple explanations. You can easily apply these instructions from the tutorials practically. These tutorials will help you find out about the hidden or unused features of this app.


Unique features

select tools if your choosing

High-quality edits — special effects and filters to use that makes HD quality edits

Easy editing options — even beginners can perform professional editing.

Smart UI that has convenient features — the user interface of this app is loaded with amazing features

Quick photo editor to retouch photos — high-level editing can also be done in a few clicks with this app.

Object remover from the photos — remove any object that annoys you in the photos.


Why TouchRetouch apk ?

easy line removal from photos with touchretouch

You can choose this photo editing app as it has to hassle-free editing options. You can give a quick retouch to your photos. Without using expensive editing software you can easily enhance the natural beauty of photos. Beginners can very easily perform high-quality editing in their photos. Remove any disturbing objects including the people who photobombs.

Remove the objects that you don’t like and even erase the background objects like electricity poles and wires also. There are amazing special effects and animated filters that can enhance the beauty of the photos immediately. This app also provides editing tutorials.

You can watch to learn different types of editing styles we can perform with this app. The photo import and export options are very simple, you can export the photos in HD quality after editing.


  • Sometimes the app crashes on its own
  • Filters are not applied correctly
  • After saving the editing options are not visible

Unique features

  • Ads-free usage
  • All options are free
  • Paid features can also be used times


Important resources

before and after object removal from photographs

  1. Check out this app on the Google Play Store
  2. Visit the AppBrain’s site to check the app reviews
  3. Visit the official site of the developer of this app.
  4. Go here for a detailed tutorial on using the TouchRetouch app for its purpose — with pictures.
  5. Check out the twitter page official for this app.
  6. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to use this app to remove unwanted objects from photos:




select even the size hardness and opacity.

How to remove shadows in photos using any photo editing app?

Watch the video and learn how to remove shadows from the photos using any photo editing app:

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