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Are you getting bored by using the same dull keyboards for chatting? If yes then we can help you by suggesting you a creative and colorful gesture keyboard to chat. This app is called Touchpal Keyboard apk. Read all its features in this article.

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just swipe the letters to type with this keyboard.

Touchpal Keyboard apk is an advanced and cool keyboard app. Your typing and chatting experience can become far better with this app. This keyboard will help you to type more smoothly and accurately. This app can help in preventing the small mistakes that we make while typing fast. In today’s world more than using a pen to write we are focused on using smartphones to type. Typing is not as easy and comfortable as writing with a pen is. So, typing fast while not making even the smallest mistake is almost impossible. Some users are also very slow in typing, either they use only one thumb to type or they can’t find other letters easily.

To prevent all these mistakes touchpad keyboard android app is introduced. This has all the automatic features to correct our typing mistakes. Auto-correction, auto-capitalization, spelling correction, keywords suggestions are the advanced features of this app. If you want to save time while typing complex words then this app can give suggestions. If you are typing a wrong spelling then this app can automatically correct it.

To make our chatting experiences more creative this app has fun emojis, stickers, gifs, and pop-up smileys. With these animated features, you will get to make your chatting experience memorable.

Main features

use the handy keyboard of this app and use to type fast with touchpal keyboard pro apk.


While using this keyboard app you will not be able to make even a single mistake. This app helps you to type fast, smoothly, and without any mistakes. Automatic correction measures like spelling correction, grammar correction, letter capitalization, and many more features. These all the features in this app will help you to make your typing experience more amazing. This app also memorizes your typing pattern and gives suggestions about words.

Swipe to type

This app has a unique style of typing for its users, now everyone can experience a fun way to type. With this keyboard app, you can just swipe the letters you want to type after that the swiped letter will convert into words. With this method, you can type fast and very smoothly. No letters can be missed by this feature, if you master this feature then typing can become very much fun.

Theme collection

There are beautiful customization features in this app that you can use daily to make your keyboard look awesome. A vast collection of keyboard themes and tons of animated emojis. The combination of these customization optics makes this app very much fun to use. Themes are very colorful and designed with special visuals like glittering effects, mirror effects, and many more. Emojis are very unique and have pop-up effects that make chatting a fun experience.

Multiple language support

With this app, you cannot only type in your regional language but you can type in multiple languages. You can change the languages in the setting’s menu of this app. There is also a shortcut method to change between the multiple languages easily. Just swipe the languages button of this app located in the corner of the keyboard. The languages that this app supports are English, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, and many more.

Why use Touchpal Keyboard apk?

you can customize this keyboard wth beautiful themes.

Touchpal Keyboard apk has many excellent typing features because of which you should use this app. This app makes your typing experience smoother and faster. Advanced features of this app can make your typing error-proof. While using this keyboard your small typing mistakes can be easily corrected. With auto-capitalization, auto spelling correction this app makes your typing error-proof. You can also type by just swiping your fingers on letters.

Type the words by swiping your thumbs on each letter. This typing method is very smooth and fast in comparison to the classic method. This app has 5000+ themes for your keyboard to look amazing. Emojis and unique stickers will just make your typing experience very much fun. This app supports multiple languages which are spoken over the world like English, Hindi, Roman, French, German, and much more.

Unique features

use different types of themes for every occassion.

  • This app can memorize your typing pattern and suggest you the following words automatically.
  • lite in size and has low battery consumption.
  • Thousands of customizable themes make this app fun.
  • The dark mode is also available to protect your eyes.
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