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get free torque themes and dial editor.

Torque apk is an android app that helps users see their engine performance in real-time. With this app, users can attach their car sensors to stream data from sensors, adapters, and machinery directly to the app. Install this app on phones for a quick vehicle diagnostic and scanning performance of cars.

Torque uses a multidimensional matrix of information to show users data from a car’s Engine Control Unit (ECU), Transmission system, ABS, Wheel sensors, and more. It helps users with effective engine management record past and current performance with a host of these data.

  • This android app uses the OBD-II port of car commonly referred to as — OBD2, hence the app name — Torque (OBD 2 & Car) on the play store.
  • The Full form of OBD2 is On-Board Diagnostics II. An article from Makeuseof explains that it is a physical 16 pin port that you can generally find under the driver’s dashboard.
  • Wikipedia defines OBD as a broad term for the system of self-diagnostic and reporting capability of a car. It further explains that earlier, cars used malfunction indicator lights to indicate a problem with the system. But now, modern implementation of the tools can provide real-time data with the use of standardized digital communications.

This article aims to explain what features of the Torque app for Android. You can scroll below to read more about the features, unique features, and frequently asked questions about the app. You can also check out the relevant resources section for external resources relating to this android application. To download the app, scroll to the bottom of the page and press the download button.

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About Torque

see more performance data with easy in torque pro app.

Torque Apk functions as a dashboard for monitoring feeds from a car’s OBD-II port equipped with Bluetooth. The dashboard has flexible layout options for showing metrics relating to car performance. The data metrics stream directly from all the car’s sensors, which flows into the app. This data is helpful for Engine logging and performing diagnostics.

Users can use this app to monitor fault codes. You can also use it to reset them. Along with tracker logging, the app can use the data to keep track of the car’s navigation coordinates as it uses GPS. The dashboard of this app uses widgets, and all the data flowing from the widgets depends on sensors installed in a specific car.

All of this data comes from several car sensors, and depending upon the car, there can be as many as 100 sensors fitted. These sensors output information digitally, and this is received by cars ECU. This app is popular among vehicle performance enthusiasts for several of its features. It has crucial compliance readouts like CO2 Emissions, Alarms and Warnings, Graph data. Additionally, you can use the app for monitoring critical components like Transmission Temperature, more accurate GPS and speed data, compass calibrated navigation, dynamometer, HP, and Torque (Of Course xD). New features are added to the app in almost every release.

In summary, Torque Apk helps users look into the inner workings of car hood or “car brain” (as CNET tech article states) through a variety of performance indicators and graph data via real-time streaming.


Features of Torque

works with obd2 scanner and port of the car to provide with data.

Fault codes — With Explanation

There are several fault codes that you may not be aware of. Moreover, some codes light up the same indicator light on your dashboard due to different faults. Next time you are unsure of it, get the app and connect it to your system.

The app shows the same fault code as indicated in your dashboard. It also displays an explanation as to why this might have happened. Knowing the explanations and definitions help you stop unexpected damages resulting from undiscovered problems.

Tracking — Accurate and precise

Users can easily track their location. Thanks to the real-time streaming of data from car sensors as well as the phone’s GPS. This app leverages both the technologies available in vehicles and phones to present users’ accurate and precise location. Users can map the data on a geographical map and log their journeys with this information. Torque apk also uses a compass derived from GPS. There are no magnetic interferences, and there is no skew in data.

With this kind of tracking, the app can measure other performance metrics such as 0-60 speed time with the help of speedometer tracking data: every metric displays as best and max values.

Customization — Dashboards and Themes

With so much diagnostic and performance data, a user can feel overwhelmed by its size. That is why the app has flexible interface options. You can define widgets on your screen so that monitoring becomes easy. These widgets help bring users clarity on what they see and give them the power to decide what information they want.

Enthusiasts who want to bit more out of basic usage can customize more things. There are several themes available, waiting for an application. They range from simplistic to futuristic and more. Users can create their themes and apply them along with customizations.

Plugins — Extend Functionality

Apart from inbuilt features, developers have made this app compatible with several plugins available in the market. Examples include — Fuel economy, Torque rider, real-time charts, track recorder, widgets, and more.

With the use of these plugins, users can extend the functionality of this app. Users can augment data from other apps with open APIs to work with torque. Furthermore, developers can work with the APIs of other apps and plugins and connect them with this app to add more functions to the dashboard.

Real-time information — with Logging

Torque Apk takes its data from ECU, which is provided by the vehicle’s sensors. All the information streams are in real-time. This app plays an essential part in processing the data stream and visually displays it. Additionally, users can make logs and record OBD data.

They can also upload it to the cloud and send it to a virtual location at any time. With the help of phone sensors and devices like cameras, users can also record video with performance metrics and stream it online. Moreover, users can make their Arduino/Raspberry Pi adapters and configure them to work with a torque app to create logs and stream specific data. Jump to our links section for the wiki page to know the Arduino code.


Advanced vs. Lite

see reatlime camera with metrics on the dashboard.

There are two versions of the app. One is the lite version available for free but has limited functionality. But then, there is a version. In this version, all features mentioned above and more are. Apart from this, users can store multiple profiles and add data to them.

There are social media sharing options for location updates and more API. The mapping functions overlay performance data and the position of a vehicle on Google Maps. Plugin available and operability are also allowed in the pro version. Get the version for free at popularapk! Evaluate the app properly and see if it fits your needs before purchasing.

Most important Resources for Torque

drive status since dtc clear in torque pro mod apk

  1. This is a whole wiki created specifically for this app. The Torque OBD2 Wiki has all the information you need for extending functionality like adding plugins, DIY adapter, and Arduino code, dial documentation, dashboard installation, discussion, and more.
  2. For tricks and tips relating to OBD2 and ELM32, along with this app tutorial (torque android), we suggest you go there and see step-by-step instructions along with videos.
  3. Check out the official app page on Google Play Store.
  4. Visit the official site.
  5. Github repository hosted by “econpy” for a tool that can be used with this app to store data in MySQL, maps JavaScript API and Plot data on charts with export functionality – Everything that a serious automotive enthusiast + developer could ask for!


torque pro review

  1. Android Authority and overdrive have a view on the app with a dedicated post for the same.
  2. Also, read reviews of torque app alternatives on OBDAdvisor.
  3. Additionally, here is a review of this app from a site dedicated to OBD2 Bluetooth scan tools.
  4. Read the review for this app on tech wonders.


Advance features

  • Everything.
  • Get a paid app for free for full apk evaluation.


Final Words

engine management diagnostics and tools.

Torque Apk is one of the few apps with extension facilities through its API, source code, and plugins. Developers have made so many open-ended features that anyone can use the app in more ways than mentioned anywhere. Developers can use code to enhance the metrics, and enthusiasts can use various devices (physical and virtual) for their end-use.


Screenshots of App

simple dashboard with meters. futuristic car dashboard more accurate then car system. torque pro gps spd, compass, fuel, fan, air temp. hpop. odo customization in app dashboard speed, revs, boost, intake, afr, trans, coolant, hp and more. gearbox oil temp, engine oil temp, iat2, coolant



torque pro mod apk obd2 free download

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