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Do you entertain yourself with some puzzle games every time you are free? If yes then we can suggest an impressive fun puzzle game which is called Toon Blast Apk. Read this article to know more about this game. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.

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Toon Blast apk is an amazing puzzle game app with unique gameplay that involves lots of fun. Puzzle games are very interesting as the players cannot only enjoy but they can also improve their problem-solving abilities. Puzzle and logical games give a boost to the brain’s strategy-making power. And this game is cooler than any other puzzle game. There are many toon characters in this game and they get in trouble very often. The storyline of Toon Blast involves that you are the only one that can help them by completing different types of puzzles. They have gone on an adventure in the magic world and you will have to solve different types of puzzles that are connected by their problems.

Each time you solve a puzzle you will get a special reward. And with every new problem, you will get new puzzles to solve. The puzzles are very interesting and they will test your mental abilities very much. The rules of the puzzles are very simple, you will have to blast all the cubes in the game in minimum numbers of chances to win. The best thing is that if you get stuck in any stage then you can use boosters to get out of tricky situations.

Main features

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Exciting levels

In Toon Blast Apk, you will find different types of levels with a variety of obstacles and patterns. These puzzles are very challenging and you will have to find the exact pattern to solve them. The difficulty level will increase with every new level, and that’s what makes this game very exciting and fun. They are designed to be tricky and will trap you in the same stage forever. If you have what it takes to solve these puzzles then download them for free and enjoy.

Collect items and powers

These puzzles are indeed very challenging but the prize which you will get by solving them is more interesting. By solving these puzzles you will get new items and power boosters to collect. You can collect as many as you can, just solve the puzzles with your sharp mind. These powers can be used later in the boss levels and that makes this game exciting.


You can collect boosters in the game which you will earn either by winning the levels or in between the levels. These boosters can be used when you are playing at a tough level. They will help you to get out of tricky situations. Boosters can enhance your performance multiple times. They can help you to win the boss levels if you save them for later. Usually, everyone uses their boosters before playing the boss levels.

Earn rewards

You can also earn rewards just by playing Toon Blast. You will have to collect as many stars as you can. These stars can be used later to win attractive rewards. To become eligible you will have to win some puzzle levels. Use your unique strategy-making skills and solve the puzzle levels to win the rich rewards.

Unique features

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  1. You can even make your team in this game to collect multiple stars and rewards.
  2. You can sync the data of this game on multiple devices and access them easily.
  3. Stunning graphics quality just makes this game more entertaining to play.
  4. 5000+ puzzle levels with tricky patterns and obstacles that will challenge you to solve them.
  5. Rewards can be collected by winning the stars in the game.

Why Toon Blast apk?

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You can choose Toon Blast Apk as your new favorite puzzle game app because of its amazing features. This Game has the most challenging puzzle levels that can help you to relax from work stress. These puzzles can improve your problem-solving skills. Each level has new challenges and obstacles which maintain the excitement of the game. New levels are introduced with every update and you will never get bored of this game.

Data can be synced with two devices also. Win rewards by collecting stars in this game. Team up with players to complete the challenging puzzles. The best thing about team playing is that you can receive lives from other players to keep on playing. The graphics and sound effects of the game are amazing, making the gameplay more entertaining.

FAQ’s about Toon Blast

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How many levels are in toon blast?

There are more than 3000 levels in the toon blast.

How to play toon blast?

Watch this video to get a look at how toon blast can be played:

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What is the release date for the toon blast?

3 March 2017 was the release date of Toon Blast.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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