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Having lots of crucial data on the phone and searching for a powerful backup creating and restoring the app? If yes then we suggest you this powerful data backup tool app “ Titanium Backup “. And read this article to know the detailed features of this app. Download the app by pressing the download button on this page.


About the Titanium Backup App

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Titanium Backup Apk is the most powerful data backup tool app that can save and secure your data from being deleted. This app works in all the rooted devices, so it needs the rooted devices to work with. You can protec all the apps., datas and every system file which is important for you.

You can create the schedule to create the data backup, and this app will automatically execute the process perfectly. This app is very reliable and it is used by millions of users online.

You cannot only create the backup of the data but you can make it secure by encrypting it. You can encrypt your important data and secure it from being used or deleted. Multiple backups of the apps can be created by this app. You can save more space by creating the backup file in the zip format and whenever you need it you can use it.

Freezing the apps is another feature of this app. You can freeze the apps which you don’t use or don’t want to use for a long time. And the best feature is that you can sync the data online with other famous cloud storage apps like dropbox, OneDrive, drive, and many more.

Note that this app works better for rooted android devices.

The backup root is needed and this app provides the zip recovery feature. The XDA developer forum can help you with all the help you need. You can read our FAQs for the root access problems and get the solutions easily.


Main features of Titanium Backup app

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Easy and reliable backup tool

This app is very reliable when it comes to creating a backup for any rooted android device. And the backup process becomes very easy with this app and even non-familiar users can also use this app easily. You can create a backup for apps, contacts, SMS, MMS, text files, and all the data of the phone.

Backup is created in the form of compressed zip files and you can access as many as you want. With the backup feature, this app also provides the facility to freeze the apps which you don’t use. You can check for unwanted or less used apps on your phone. After finding it you can just freeze the app for as long as you want.

This saves the battery usage, data usage, and frees up space that the app was using. And with the schedule backup process, you can update the zip files automatically whether in the SD card or internal memory.


Create zip files and free up space

You can create as many zip files as you want to save more space on your phone. With this app, the backup you create is saved in the form of compressed zip files. You can back up any file or app which you do not use regularly and convert them into zip files. This way you can access it when you want in the future and you will also free up the space on your phone. And you can extract apk & zip files whenever you want.


Sync the Data

One of the best features of this app is that you can create the backup and schedule it for syncing. You can sync your data on your accounts of famous cloud storage like dropbox, onedrive, drive, and many more. This way your backup data gets very safe as it cannot be deleted or formatted by anyone.

And only you can access your accounts so it is secured with high privacy and security feaṭures. And with the scheduling feature, you can sync the data whenever you want. You can schedule it for nighttime so that when you wake up you will be saved already.


Automatic recovery and widget options

With this app you can recover your data automatically and whenever you want. You can also create a schedule to recover your data, that way you can save your time. The recovery option can be used multiple times, and there is no limit to it. And this app also has widget options so that you can access more features easily and more quickly.



advanced backup tool for android titanium backup.

How to download the Titanium backup apk ?

You can download the apk by following these points

– You can download this app from our site popularapk.
– Just open the site and search for this app.
– Then click the download button to enjoy the game.
– And if you want then you can download many other incredible games from our site


How to install the Titanium backup apk ?

– Download the latest version of the Application by tapping on the download button. This will take you to the download page.
– Now go to file manager -> apk’s -> click on the apk file.
– Now after clicking on the file, if it shows that installation of unknown apps are blocked, then tap on settings -> click on allow apps from unknown sources
– Hit the back button, go to file manager again, and tap on the Titanium backup apk.
– Tap on install and voila! You are good to go. You have successfully installed the Application


Alternate apps for Titanium Backup ?

Here are some of the best alternative apps for backup.

  • Mobikin assistant
  • Android backup & restore
  • Alpha backup.
  • G cloud backup
  • Helium
  • App backup and restore


Restoring gets stuck with Titanium backup?

Watch this video and learn:


Root access failed in Titanium backup? Fix Titanium backup root not detecting error.

Watch and solve your problem:

And if you have the problem that the app keeps stopping then you can restart the device.


How to get titanium backup for free ?

  • Download this app from our site popularapk for free.
  • Just go to the site and search for this app.
  • Click on the download button and it’s done.


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download so that your apk download starts well.

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