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Don’t you want to be dressed up like a royal princess or live her life? If your answer is Yes. Then, this app called “TIME PRINCESS” is just for you. Read the article below to know more about this application and download Time Princess Apk by clicking the download button below.

time princess game (mod)

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About Time Princess Game

time princess apk (mod)

Time Princess is one of the most played simulation 3D dress-up princess games. This game is full of many different engaging and thrilling stories. You will here get the chance to play the role of a royal princess and dress up as your dream diva. There are so many amazing characters available that will make you feel like living in a royal family.

You get a lot of choices of gorgeous dresses here to which you can make your princess wear the best dresses. You don’t have to just only dress up your character here. To make you fall in love with this game, it has so many mysterious stories that you can solve. And when you complete their levels, you get great rewards too.


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  • You will surely enjoy your game with such fascinating visuals and great animations that will excite you in every moment of your story journey. If you are pretty good at thinking then this would be the best choice for you. You can even name your character as per your wish and can play many more mini-games to get bonus gifts and tools.
  • As it has surreal visuals and animations, it consumes a good amount of data and space in your phone. But if you have a good internet connection and space on your phone, surely this would become your all-time favorite.
  • You will get the feel of a princess of great royalty in this game. You get a lot of character options available from which you can choose the best of all which suits your personality the most. Dress up like a princess and start living your royal life from now.
  • The story plot is outstanding there as you get many life stories to keep you engaged through the gameplay. You also get many more other characters in stories with a lot of mini-games that will help you earn more rewards.
  • With Time Princess Apk, you will get the most realistic royalty to feel ever. Its story plot is so true that it will make you believe that you are a real princess. Use your skills and make the best decisions to solve mysteries out there.
  • If you’ve got a great fashion sense and want to show it to the world. Then, just grab this app and choose your character.

Unique Features

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  • The story plot is so great here with unexpected turns that come unexpectedly often leaving us surprised in the game.
  • Your decision will choose the faith of your game. You have to think wisely before making any decision in the game. As you are the leading role in the story. If you make the wrong decision, you can be far from the ending of the story. And if you make the right decision, only then you will be able to solve the mystery case.
  • You are not all alone in the game to solve the mystery. There is a pet feature available in the game. You can gather cats that will help you in collecting tools and other resources for you.
  • Additionally, You can also connect to your family and friends from here. And show up diva princess style to everyone out there from anywhere anytime.
  • You can connect to other players from the world. Share your wardrobe and style with them.
  • There are several numbers of dresses from which you can choose your favorite combination for your character.
  • You get a mother fairy in the game to help you in clearing the levels and often give bonuses for your good work.
  • Time Princess Apk has a very user-friendly interface that even playing for the first time, you would feel very comfortable while playing it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

adorabl;e pets


  • Time Princess Apk has great visual quality with animated characters that feel like living in a royal palace.
  • A nice story plot is created every time in the game. The stories are full of mystery and thrilling moments.
  • It has a wide variety of different designs of princess dresses. You are not going to be bored with just one dress for your character. You can even make a combination of dresses for your princess.
  • There are so many different characters in the game. With these characters, the game story feels realistic and complete.
  • If you complete a task or play mini-games there. Then, you will be rewarded with many exciting bonus tools that will help you later in the game.
  • You can even make payment in the app to get extra tools to complete the levels easily.
  • There are so many additional mini-games present along with the main story game.
  • These games help you in earning more points by which you can get tools to solve mysteries.
  • We get the feature of naming our character in the game that differs us from all the other characters.
  • You get a fairy helper that will be your companion in the game. She helps you while taking decisions and while solving riddles too.


  • Time Princess Apk has long and hard storylines that sometimes feel difficult to understand. These big storylines take time to talk about, killing our time.
  • In low-end devices, this game keeps crashing. As it has high visuals, it needs a lot of data and space to function properly.
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