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Music is one of the best things in human civilization. It helps us show our emotions and feel the emotions of others. one good music player will make your life wonderful for you. If you are searching for a good music player, we have found a perfect end. Tidal music player is one of the emerging apps in the music genre. Use it to experience the exciting features it provides to its users.

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listen your favourite songs in different devices.

Music has become very important in our life. For such a special thing, we need a special platform for it. The tidal music player can be that platform for you. Tidal music is an online streaming music app that provides a different approach to giving a rich music experience to its users. It has more than 80 million songs in its library, and the recommendation service keeps you up to date with new and unique music. It will increase your music taste by providing your best music from different genres, eras, and musicians.

You can find information about different singers, bands, and albums on the platform. Make different playlists for different occasions and times. Different playlists for travel and different while working out or while studying. You can experience its vivid approach also while offline. The app’s home screen will provide songs of your favorite artists, and their recent releases and songs are on the top charts in a different language. It also provides songs and music of different regions, popular and new.

Tidal is loved by millions of people worldwide. You can talk to these users in the comment section of the songs. Chat with people in different areas who listen to these songs, just like YouTube. The sound quality it provides is one of the best popular music players. You change the themes of the music player and read the lyrics of songs while listening to them. Enjoy a different approach to listening to music and share it with your friends.


get ad free experience and unlimited downloads.

Wide range of music

The rich music store library of the app contains more than 80 million songs of different genres, languages, and eras. It is free and versatile, so it is guaranteed to get a unique music experience. You will regularly get new content in the app. Favorite social media music is also available, and it gets updated regularly to add new music to the library. You can make a playlist of your favorite music for different occasions and times.


The interface of the app is very interactive. Using the app is simple and easy. You can toggle between different music just by a simple swipe. You can change the theme of the player and make it suitable for your use. Listen and find similar songs by clicking on the song’s name or the artist’s name.

Podcast channel

You can also explore and experience different podcasts in the app. The range of the podcasts is very large. Listen to podcasts of the different genres by saving them in your playlist or downloading it for future listening. The podcast’s sound quality is at par with the music quality of the app, and it will provide a good listening experience to you.


You can make your playlist or listen to the pre-made playlist in the app. There is a playlist for different genres, moods, occasions, and artists, and search them very easily through the search option and save them for future use. The daily mix of the songs is a playlist designed simply by the AI of the app according to your personal choices and likes.

Pros and cons

the library contains more than 80 million songs.


  • The app is a library of more than 80 million songs of different genres, artists, eras, and regions.
  • You can find regional music in the app very easily.
  • Regular updates add new music to the app.
  • You can download the songs for future use.


  • Downloading or playing songs without ads needs a which is quite costly. You can use the tidal music apk to use the feature for free.
  • Many other applications in the play store have a better recommendation feature than the tidal music app.

Other information

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Is tidal music app quality is good or is it worth it?

The tidal music app provides the best quality music experience through tidal hi-fi. You can change the audio quality in the settings according to your need or your internet connection capability.

Can you download or upload music in the tidal app?

You can download the songs from the app using the subscription of the app. To publish your content on TIDAL without a record label, you can upload your music through Indigoboom, Record Union, DistroKid, Tunecore, or recordJET.

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