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Do you have a lot of work and lack time management skills? If yes then we can suggest you a reliable android app that can help you to manage your tasks. This app is called TickTick: To-do list & Tasks. Read this article to know all its features. Download the app by clicking on the download button.

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use habit tracker and tasks as reminders.

TickTick apk is the most reliable task and time management app designed for android devices. This app helps you to complete your tasks in a structured manner. Your time management and task management skills are improved with time. In this busy life, we sometimes forget our small but important tasks. 24hrs is not enough to complete all the tasks in this busy life. So, this is the time when the TickTick app will work best for you. This app can work as the best to-do list and task manager. You can manage your important tasks daily, weekly, and monthly. Prepare a proper plan for this app and complete them at a time with this app.

  • With this app, you can create multiple to-do lists of every task.
  • You can prepare a list of your goals based on short-term and long-term goals.
  • Perform tasks management daily, with your daily to-do list you can prepare management tasks daily.
  • It has the best reminder that can remind you about your important task or activity.
  • It will not let you forget your daily work.
  • You can even set the importance level of your tasks in this app. It will focus especially on those tasks only.

Main features

use focus timer as a pomodoro in ticktick mod..

To-do list

This app will work as a to-do list for you, in which you can feed your important daily task to completion. You can create multiple lists based on a schedule. For every set of work, you can create a to-do list. Label these lists with different names and tags to differentiate. The process to create a to-do list with this app is very easy. These to-do lists can be prepared with reminders. These reminders will tell you if you’re forgetting anything.

Add tasks and notes

You can create as many tasks as you want, there is no limit to creating tasks in this app. Simply just open the list and add tasks by typing or voice input method. These tasks will help you to manage your work easily. Create notes to write down instantly important thoughts or information and these notes will be saved within this app. This app will work as your notebook to write any crucial information.

Sync with multiple devices

This app can work with multiple devices and all the data will sync on every device you use. This way you will not have to worry about using only one device. You can use the same app on multiple devices and data will be shared. Even the information will be shared between different operating systems like ios, android, Linux, and mac. You can operate your work and manage tasks easily on multiple devices.


This app also provides a calendar for every user. You can plan your goals and important dates based on that calendar. Mark your important dates and goals on the calendar. This app will remind you of that work so that your efficiency is also improved. The best part of using this app is that you can manage your productivity. Improve your performance with this app very easily.


Why use TickTick apk?

ticktick has eisenhower matrix feature in built.

TickTick apk has many unique and reliable features for its users. There are many reasons which make this app very useful. This app is the best to-do list and task manager which improves the working efficiency of its users. Create multiple to-do lists for every set of work in this app. Label your every list with different names and colors to differentiate between them easily. You can also create notes in this app, this way you can save any important info or important thoughts. Don’t need to carry a personal diary as this app can work as one. This app also provides a calendar for you to plan your goals and important events according to dates. There are some handy widgets that this app provides for you. Repeating tasks will also prompt you and make you remember that you have a task to complete.

Unique features

  • Handy widgets that make it easy to access this app.
  • Recurring tasks- you can set some tasks reminders to repeat.
  • This app comes with a habit tracker, so you can adapt to healthier ones.
  • Reliable reminders- these reminders will help you to remember important daily tasks.

Important resources


use reminder in ticktick mod apk for tasks. use calendar for multiple views and clear at a glance intelligent management of tasks.

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