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While using your social media messaging app like Facebook or telegram, do you have privacy concerns? The social messaging apps are very convenient and helpful. Still, the recent privacy-related incidents and data leakages make them unreliable and risky. Use Threema app, a social messaging app with state-of-the-art security features. To know more about the app, read the following article and download it by following some simple instructions given in the article.

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About Threema App

use the amazing and versatile features of this app.

The advent of the internet and the advancement of communication technology have made communication relatively straightforward. Everyone is connected just a few clicks away. Though the technology made it simple and easy, the risks involved are also bigger. Unwanted sources can hack the messaging apps, and the user’s data and messaging contents are stolen and used against them. Many recent incidents highlighted the vulnerability of these platforms. The threema app uses anonymity to access the app for its users. No need to use phone numbers or other personal details to sign up. The users are provided with unique Threema Ids to sign up and use the app. There is no threat of losing your details or concern of stalkers getting their phone numbers from the platform. Local files like photos, videos, or messaging backups are stored in the user’s device only in the encrypted form.

So, no concern about stealing or misusing your data. The source code of the threema app is available to everyone to review its codes and any features. The open-source code is just another it’s one of the best features. The regular updates and changes in its security patches protect it from any latest bugs and viruses. The app doesn’t collect your data, and there is no concern about any frustrating advertisements on the platform. The interface is clean and straightforward. It allows transferring images, videos, document files, gifs, stickers, emojis. All these are faster than other platforms.


chat with very convenient options of this app.

Encrypted data

The data like messages images are end to end encrypted. So only the source and the receiving end can read them. The encryption keys are stored on the users’ devices. So it’s safe from any backdoor encryption of the data on the internet. Other platforms send the encrypted data to their servers that can be hacked or sold to third-party companies for personal gains.

Threema web

Now use your threema id on multi-device like your phone and your desktop. Just scan the QR code and use your id on the desktop.


The interface of the threema app is clean and straightforward—no unwanted complex environment for the users. The app is fast and sends messages and images in compressed forms. Make groups or make private conversations with your friends or family members. Do group or individual voice and video calls. Send stickers, update your status daily, and control who shows these statuses.


Privacy is the foremost priority of the platforms. The users and their data are secure in the encrypted form in their devices only. The profile backup is also saved in the device’s local files and the user’s Gmail account. So no worry about your old messages while transferring to new phones. The threema app’s privacy policy is a complaint with the European Union’s privacy protocols. So message your loved ones and leave the security concerns with the developers.

Other features

Users can change the theme from light or dark-colored. Please invite your friends through their phone numbers and sync them with your phone directory. The threema anonymous messaging tools are beneficial and convenient many times. Create groups, send messages, or conduct polls. These features are very helpful in making study groups.

Positives and Negatives

chat with very convenient options of this app.


  • Clean and secure interface
  • The data is secured in the encrypted forms in the user’s device.
  • State-of-the-art encrypted technology.
  • Anonymous messaging tools and signing up without any personal phone numbers.
  • The privacy policy is according to European Union’s privacy protocols.
  • Make backups and secure the data in the user’s device—no risk of any back-entry data leak.


  • The threema app is quite popular in European countries but not anywhere else.
  • Video calls require improvement, and it freezes while in a call.
  • Some users experienced delayed delivery of their messages.

Other Information

threema mod apk is loaded with high security and privacy features.

Important links

FAQs about Threema Apk

Who are the developers of the app?

The developers of the app are Threema GmbH. Visit their official website to know more about them.

How is the threema app different from other social messaging apps like signal or telegram?

Visit the link to see the difference in above apps.

How to get the app?

Download the threema app from the google play store or its official website. Both of these links are given above.

You can also free download the app from our website by following some simple steps given above in the article.

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