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Many games help improve your intelligence, memory, and brainpower. Some puzzles and mazes are very popular in this genre. If you want something different, play a text or die game on your device and experience a different game environment.

To know more about the game, read the following article and download the app by following the steps given below.

play text or die mod apk and test your general knowledge.

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play text or die mod apk and test your general knowledge.

What can be a better time of using your brain when your life is at stake. Play the text or die and give the most prolonged answers to your questions. The longer the answer, the longer the rack will save you when the water level rises, and the shark will eat all the contestants. Play and try not to be eaten early. Become the last person standing and win the game. The game is simple but quite competitive. The questions asked are simple and help jog your memory as fast as possible.

The rewards earned by winning different game levels will let you use some hints in some of the questions. This game is best to improve your word guessing game and memory. The faster you guess the words, the safer you are. The game’s uniqueness makes it quite popular in the brain genre of smartphone games. The interface and gameplay of the game are straightforward and cool. The animations are fantastic, and sharks look real. So, give the answers fast and stay away from sharks.

The questions asked are simple and easy. Some of them name a social media platform name a boy name starting with A. the catch is to give the correct answer and give the most extended answer. So, you can build a large block for your survival. There are many different levels of the game, and the difficulty of the questions keeps on increasing. Try to give the answers swiftly and win the rewards. The player can change their avatar by unlocking many avatars available.


name simple questions and win prize.


The game has an number of levels. Each level will ask a set of questions, and the player whose block will be larger will survive the level and win the rewards. Try to win more and more levels. The difficulty of the level will also increase in the game. But most of the questions are general and don’t require a scholar to answer those. The actual game here is the game of guess. Guess the best and largest word for your answer and win the game.

The uniqueness of the game

This game is one of the unique brainstorming games available on the platform. The interface and animations are unique. One of the best things is the concept of answering and adding blocks. You have to type the answers and not choose among the options. There is also a bonus round in which type whatever you want for a limited time to get the bonus points between the game levels.


The gameplay is competitive and requires a player to be better. Players can play offline against the bots or play online against the original players. The competitiveness of the game makes it very interesting and exciting. The rewards are also very helpful in getting hints, new avatar, or points.

Test or die apk

The game is overall exciting and playful, but there are many features in the game that are restrictive and only available to the subscribers of the game. To get an extra edge in the game, download and free play the test of die apk and get coins, all levels and avatars, and freedom from frustrating ads.

Pros and cons

the questions improves learning.


  • The game concept is unique, and the gameplay is simple and competitive.
  • Players can play the game online and offline with real or bot players, respectively.
  • The players’ avatars can be and changed for a better experience.
  • There is a bonus round, where typing will give the points.


  • The game contains tons of ads, which keeps on hindering the experience.
  • Many of the levels are locked and only available to players.

More information

text or die mod apk contains questions of all genre and topics.

Important links

Visit the following link of the google play store and read the reviews and more about the text or die game

Watch the gameplay of the game by clicking on the following YouTube video and know how to play text or die:



text or die android game 4

Is the text or die free?

Text or die apk is free to play but contains many in-app purchases.

Are there any other similar games like text or die?

There are many similar brainstorming games like would you instead choose, brain boom, chat master, and many more.

How to get the game?

Download the test or die mod apk game by following the steps given above and clicking the download button. There is also the link to the google play store given above, and click on it and download the text or die apk.

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