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temp mail premium mod apk.

About Temp Mail Apk

temp mail premium is an app by which users can use a disposable mail address that is temporary and doesn’t link to any personal information.

Temp Mail is an app by which users can use a disposable mail address that is temporary and doesn’t link to any personal information. Through temp mail, one can receive mail just like an ordinary email service but one does not need to register and sign up for the service. The mailbox is private and temporary until you close the app.

Using Temp Mail one can block spam emails and subscription emails by being anonymous and keeping their email inbox clean and tidy. This app is helpful in many cases, one being that you are likely to receive a bomb of promotions and advertisements by signing up for a service. you can use this disposable mail to use the service, without giving up your email.

Temp Mail pro apk supports attachments like photos, videos, and other graphics so that uses of the app are numerous and productive. The app comes under the “Communication” category and is developed by Privatix limited.


How does it work?

temp mail to many email services is a supplemental temporary email service.

Considering you already know how Email works, rather than an alternative, Temp Mail to many email services is a supplemental temporary Email service. When you open the app, you are instantly assigned an email address randomly. This email is yours to use until you close the app or change your internet access.

You can use this temp mail inbox to sign up for any online service. Suppose you want to download a pdf from a site but the site is asking for your Email. Be informed that all websites use the email address of users to market and advertise and some of them even sell them.

Here you can use temp mail apk service to get an anonymous mailbox and use it to register on the site. After you register you will get the confirmation mail in your temp mail app where you can click on it. This will safely get you registered on the site without ever revealing your details to anyone.

There are many use cases for using this application which we will describe in this article below.


Features of Temp Mail

Protection from Spam

as burner mail self-destructs after a certain time, all the mails coming to it are separate from your personal inbox.

As burner mail self-destructs after a certain time, all the emails coming to it are separate from your inbox. This means you can use internet online services without worrying about spam.

This android app is useful in cases where a site you do not trust asks for your mail. You can freely provide it with a 10minute mail and once you receive the message from the service, you can confirm within the app.

using fake temp mail is only useful when you do not receive any confidential email. that is when you do not have to worry about receiving personal information. when the benefit your receive is one time and does not matter later, then using this app comes into play.

Quick burner Email Service

inbox gets updated automatically so you do not have to refresh it again.

You are assigned a temporary mailbox. Inbox gets updated automatically so you do not have to refresh it again. The email that you receive supports all formats. With the email, you can receive attachments and save them to your device, if you trust them.

There are many types of attachments supported. You can receive document files, images, videos, zip, and more. If you are in an environment where you are asked for your email, you can do it from this app.

Using temp mail apk is quick and easy. You can give any person your temp email and receive the mail instantly. This can be helpful in many situations and can save you from giving your personal information.

Privacy Centric

temp mail screenshot of play store.

Temp mail apk is privacy-centric. Using this application not only protects your privacy but also saves your inbox from personalized marketing. Since this temp account would not be connected to your interest, using temp mail pro apk would not connect you with any target campaigns of the big ad networks.

The disposable email can be used in all such cases where the user is hesitant to provide his personal or official email address. Even if the site needs one-time verification, this service comes as a rescue.

T mail allows you to change email addresses and replace them when you have used one. This way you can take advantage of the service more than once. This app itself doesn’t require you to sign up and register. So no time is wasted on registration and completing the formalities.

Ultimate convenience

users can save the source details and attachments. the source and the content can be save in eml format

Users can save the source details and attachments. The source and the content can be saved in EML format. You can receive and save multiple email attachments just like any other email service.

Once you are done, you can close the app or request a new email address that would be uniquely assigned to you. The Front-End of the app has useful buttons. By using the refresh button, one can get another temp mail address. You can also get a QR code where you can show it one or send it over IM to others.

The addresses can be deleted and renewed quickly with a tap of the button. With the Copy button, users can copy emails to the clipboard.


Where to use Temp Mail [Use Cases – Exaplained]

where to use temp mail

Here there are some ideas where you can use this amazing service. Although, this might sound like taking undue advantage of the services. We recommend using temp email and other services for fair use only.


All apps where referring by email and confirmation gives you commission or a benefit. You Can use temp mail to register with different emails and provide referrals. The confirmation can be given by clicking on the link in the app. This method will allow you to earn more commissions or referral bonuses from a service.

Games registration

You can register for games you play and earn more coins, get gems and money. You can get more benefits in-game name currency if the game requires you to register. Examples of such games are angry birds. Pubg, COD, and more. You can use temp mail to push another account in a game. This can make you grow faster and help you level up easily.

Business mails

If you want to receive a message and then burn it, you can give the mail address to another person and receive temp mail. You can then burn it and there will be no correspondence trail mail, that will lead to your personally.


Most of the forums, downloading sites and discussion online venues require you to register. Even if you want to comment on a site, most of them require you to enter your mail. You can use temp mail apk in these situations to avoid giving your address. Then, You can sign up with temp mail and confirm via the mail. Additionally, You can also use it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

Beware and be cautious. We do not recommend using it for spurious purposes as your IP address can still be tracked.

Anonymous File transfer

You can send documents and other smalls via mail to one another privately. This can be done by using disposable mail so that it is easy to share files anonymously. You can use this in situations where you are only able to share the file via mail and do not want to use a personal one. You can send the mail to temp mail and then download it to your device via the android application.


A Company can control low control messages over social media, create buzz about its product and even control the review structure of a platform for its product. Using a temp mail service, an number of accounts can be made. It so happens that most of the companies are using this service to control the media and their opinions. With the help of affiliates and influencers and fake comments, marketers can push their products and create a brand image in the minds of the consumers.


Benefits of Temp Mail Apk

benefits of temp mail premium apk

  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Helpful for making new temporary accounts on sites.
  • Saves the stress of creating new emails
  • Legit, helpful, and gets you out of difficult situations.
  • This app extends privacy and is available in multiple languages.
  • Great interface, amazing design.



free version has limited options as compared to premium.

  • Cannot send emails to anyone using temp mail.
  • Uses more data as it is constantly checking for new mails.
  • The free version has limited options as compared
  • Hard to skip the paywall and get to the free version


Advanced features

here from popularapk.com, you can download the premium version for free.

Here from popularapk.com, you can download the version for free. By using the version you get many benefits. You do not have to spend a penny as all features are free.

  1. Ads removed.
  2. Custom domain
  3. More than one temporary mail with multiple inboxes at the same time
  4. Everything free
  5. Use same temp mail in multiple devices.


Important Resources

important resources for temp mail mod apk.

    1. Official Blog citing several articles and use cases for temp mail apk.
    2. The official website for using temp mail online on PC.
    3. Google Chrome/Edge extension for the browser.
    4. Twitter handle – @RealTempMail
    5. Android police article mentioning this service for spam protection.
    6. More information on Appfollow about the app on the play store (use temp mail to sign up to get more information for free xD)


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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