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Every 90s kid knows the craze of the Tekken 3 game. The popularity of the game is at its highest in the early 2000s. There is a game parlor in every small town and city to play the game using the coins. We brought you a perfect gaming app that will rejuvenate your childhood memories. Now play Tekken 3 without the need for any coins. Use the Tekken 3 game we provide you in the article and enjoy the show.

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perform special moves to win the dual.

There is no need to introduce the best game of our childhood days. Tekken 3 is one of the most popular games of our time. The graphics, controls, and characters are the best you can experience. The graphics and animations are still held their top position in current gaming categories. The game contains some of the most interesting and exciting modes that will not let you get bored by the game.

The best things about the game are its characters. Each character of the game was unique and possessed some special moves and movements. You have to choose your characters among dozens and let the opponent choose its own. You can play the game in single and multiplayer modes and show your skills and control by winning the best of 3 fights. The single-player mode lets you start from basic and climb higher in the game by defeating the opponents. The difficulty of the game keeps on increasing.

The Tekken 3 game is simple and user-friendly. The game’s optimization is very good and runs perfectly on modern android smartphones. The game is not available officially on the google play store, so you have to download it through any third-party app site. The game doesn’t need high-end specification devices. It will run perfectly in any mid-range or budget-friendly android smartphone. The game is free to download and play in the standard version, but you need to pay for playing the version of the game.


choose among dozens of characters with unique abilities.


The interface of the game is very simple and easy to use. I just need to go through some setup settings and choose the characters to play the game instantly. The game controls are a bit complicated and are hard for first-time users of the touch screen. The controls are there on the screen itself. So you have to give it a try for some time to get used to the controls.


The game is around two decades old, but the graphics will not disappoint you. The game is in 2D but gives a realistic experience while playing. You can also move your character in 6 directions, just like any 3D character. The game has good colors and details, and special moves’ visual effects, and animations are out of a world experience.

Fight against opponents

Fight against professional of the games or the single mode. You have to defeat your opponent characters in a single mode to move further in the game. The game’s difficulty will keep on increasing, and you don’t have to lose any two games in each set. Complete the sets and set a new record in the game. You can also play some practice matches to try your moves and get more experience in handling the game.


The controls are not difficult or complex in any way. But it needs some practice to get used to the on-screen controls. You can find the controls a little bit difficult, but they can be adjusted according to your suitability. Control the sensitivity and transparency of the buttons to get the best of it.

Pros and cons

use the on-screen controls.


  • Gives a nostalgic feeling. The characters, graphics, and gameplay are the same as we used to play.
  • You can adjust the controls according to your requirement. Change its transparency and sensitivity.
  • The Tekken 3 game is one of the best arcade fighting games of a generation.
  • No need for any internet connection as it is an offline game.


  • The in-game controls cover most of the screen and are complicated while playing.
  • You will not find the game in the google play store, and downloading from any third-party website can be risky.

Other information

Important links

Watch the following tutorial video to learn how to set up the game:

Watch the video to learn how to play the Tekken 3 game on pc or Windows 10:



What are Tekken 3 system requirements?

It works with the limited specification of any budget smartphone. It is a simple game of 35MB in size.

How to play tekken 3 on ePXSe?

Please read the following article to learn about it.

How to get the game?

Download the game from our website by following the steps given above in the article.

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