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2 tanks shooting each other with missiles guided towards them

Tank Stars introduction

4 modes in tank stars. Vs computer, vs friend, online PvP, Tounrament.

Tank Stars Mod Apk is one of the most unique and fun tank battle game apps with lots of action. The players will enjoy intense tank battles with very explosive powers with this game. This game is specially designed for players who like to play fun arcade games and play exciting tank battle games.

In this game, the players have to defeat the enemy tanks in the battle of one on one tanks. The battles in this game are very intense, and all the tanks have very high explosive powers. These tanks have very high firepower levels, and they have a variety of weapons and missiles. And they are very deadly as they can shoot a simple rocket to a fatal atomic bomb.

  • The important thing in the battle of Tank Stars Mod Apk is the perfect angle to shoot the missiles.
  • In-Tank Stars Mod Apk, the players must manually control the angle at which the missile is fired.
  • Before playing the matches, the players have to choose the tank for themselves, and then they have to select the missile by which they can fight.
  • Each missile has its way of destroying the enemy with different damage levels.

Main features of Tank Stars Mod

Extreme level Graphics and Sound quality

tank stars mod apk

This game has the best-animated graphics and sound quality. The graphics quality of this mobile game rivals even the console-level pictures. The players can also have fun by playing the game on big screens like the android TV and PC.

And not only the graphics but the sound quality of Tank Stars Mod is very excellent, and the players can use the earphones to enhance the sound effects of the game.

An epic collection of deadly weapons 

fire screen in tank stars

This game has a vast collection of deadly weapons that the players can use to win against tough opponents. Each missile causes a different level of damage to the opponent, and each missile also works differently.
Some missiles hit directly but cause very low damage and some scatter in the sky and damage the enemy with a wide range attack. So the players have to use each type of missile strategically to defeat the enemy ideally.

Tournament Mode

hit in tank stars mod apk

Tournament mode is the advanced version of survival mode in which the players will experience intense action. The players will be facing multiple tanks in this mode, and each tank will be harder to defeat. The waves of the tanks will come randomly, and no one can predict which weapon the opponent can use in the matches.

These matches can only win by the right choice of weapons and the perfect angle at which your character will launch the missile.

Exciting Online Multiplayer Mode 

tank stars mod apk supports online multiplayer

This game has the best available features that the action game has. With the online multiplayer mode, this game has become amazingly incredible. In this game mode, the players can fight other skilled players worldwide. The players have to defeat the other players to lead the scoreboard globally. And the best thing is that the players can enjoy Tank Stars Mod with their friends and family members by inviting them to the game.

Unique Features of Tank Stars Mod

tank stars mod apk is free to play with popular features and preimum content

Tank Stars Mod has many unique features with stunning graphics and high-quality animated effects. The sound quality of this game is also very superb; the players can also use the earphones to enhance the sound effects. There are different types of tanks in this game. The players can customize and upgrade with better armor defense and high damage power weapons.

The players can also upgrade their weapons’ power by winning them. The different battle locations in this game are created with very realistic HD graphics.

The terrain of this game is very rough and mountainous, so the players can take advantage of that rugged terrain and shoot down the enemy from the higher grounds. The levels in this game are very challenging, and the difficulty levels will rise as the players level up. The controls of Tank Stars Mod are very smooth and straightforward to use with customizable features.

The game has a user-friendly interface, and it is free to download and play.

Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option while downloading files.

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