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Do you get bored playing the same old action and arcade games on your smartphone and want something unique? Simulation games are gaining popularity worldwide due to their vast scope of genres. You can drive cars, trains, and planes. Become anyone and do anything through these games. We brought a unique simulation game that allows you to date and performs different day-to-day tasks. Play summertime saga, a simulation game like never before.

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What is a summertime saga?

tons of characters to date.

The summertime saga is of kind simulation game that allows you to perform different day-to-day tasks. It makes your life interesting where you play a character whose life takes many exciting turns. The game is developed by the Kompas game developer and has more than 16 million downloads worldwide. It is a high chance that you may not have heard about this game. To learn about the game, keep reading the article further.

In the summertime, you will live a normal human life. You can learn things, spend and earn money and talk to strangers to make them your friends. It is an adult-oriented game where you get the chance to date new strangers, every time, depending upon your fantasy. The interface and gameplay of the game are fantastic, and it tries to give off a real-life experience to you.

Your character in the game is that of a young boy. He is new to a town and wants to make new friends. He encounters problems like all of us. You have to help him solve these problems and engage him to day to day tasks. The game contains some mini-game in it that you can play to boost your score. The game proceeds through a storyline in the game where you have to make several important decisions that will shape the story of your character further.


download the latest version from the site.


The gameplay of the game is fascinating. The interface allows you to play the game very quickly. You have to follow the instructions given in the game to move further.


The game has around 65 total characters. Your main character will interact with them all. It has two main objectives. One is to find your hero a date, and the second is to unravel the mystery regarding his father’s death. These characters will take your story further in different aspects of life.

Adult game

It is an adult-oriented game. Many features and appearances that you will find in the game will not be appropriate for children. It would be best if you were an 18+ to play the game first. The game allows you to counter many situations teens face in their growing-up years. So choose the game wisely before playing.

Game modes

The game comes in different modes. You can play the clean way where you have to play according to the game and its gameplay. You can also access the cheat mode. Your character will have money and resources to move the game according to their will.


Help your main character find his perfect date for his high school prom. You will get the chance to meet and choose among 50 different women in the game. Choose the best suited for you and enjoy different situations in the game.

Pros and cons

complete daily tasks and earn rewards.


  • The game’s graphics and animations are superb. It looks modern and elegant while playing.
  • The game allows you to do different tasks to earn money and spend this money on purchasing different things in the game itself.
  • The game is not competitive, so do not force you to open the game anytime.
  • You can get the cheat mode of the game anywhere; in it, you can have cash to spend in the game.
  • You can easily get the new version of the summertime saga on many source websites.


  • The game is not available in the google play store. You have to download the summertime saga apk from an unknown source; that can be risky.
  • The game is not appropriate for users younger than 18 years of age.


How to play summertime saga on pc?

Play the summertime saga on your pc by following the steps given above in the article.

Is summertime saga a dating sim?

Summertime saga is a dating sim game. It allows you to meet new women and find the perfect date for you.

How to download the game?

Get the Summertime saga Christmas update download from our website. Follow the steps given above and download the game.

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