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In today’s time, data is the most powerful resource. Many big companies and brands lurk for the data of their customers. Streetbees is the app that helps these entrepreneurs and companies get that data and helps normal users of these brands earn some extra cash for them. Learn more about Streetbees from the following article and download the app by clicking the download button.

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About Streetbees

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Streetbees is an app that conducts surveys of its users’ hobbies, likeness, or opinions, and users pay for this up to 5 dollars. This survey takes only a few minutes to get completed. This data is beneficial for new businesses and large brands to reach their customer’s requirements and needs. Questions of the survey range from some simple questions requiring your opinions to selecting your favorite brands. It has a base of more than 1.7 million people and is accessible in more than 100 countries. This large user base of the application makes it reliable and trustworthy. Big brands know the power of data and pay a hefty amount to access this data.

The interface of the app is relatively easy. You need to fill in some basic information about yourself to make your profile. Then you will get the surveys eligible to you. If you don’t get any surveys in the feed, then don’t worry. You will be provided surveys once your profile have enough information to get the surveys. Once the user has taken the survey they will get the payment of their surveys instantly direct in their PayPal account.

Data is the most powerful tool in today’s world of capitalism. Big companies want to know more about their target customers to improve their products and services provided to the customers. Streetbees helps them get that data and helps the customers get some extra money working for them. This way, it becomes a win-win situation for both companies and the customers. Market research society has awarded it as the best innovation of 2018.

Features of Streetbees

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  1. Interface: The interface of the application is quite easy and convenient. All the features and options are visible and easy to navigate on the home screen itself.
  2. Privacy: Though it collects data to form opinions and feedback of the customers, it keeps their personal information and private likeness secret. Only data opted by the users to share will be used by the app. Privacy is maintained as a priority at the streetbees.
  3. Responses: Users can respond to the questions asked in the surveys by clicking the options or by sharing photos or videos. Users will be paid according to their responses. You can also chat with the company’s advisors to submit your responses to the questions they asked and pay to chat.
  4. Payments: Payments of the surveys will be given instantly through the PayPal account of the user. You can earn up to 5 dollars for each survey. You also have to provide your bank account details for the seamless transactions of the payments.

The good and the bad

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  • The interface is very user-friendly. All the steps from making a profile to taking surveys are self-explanatory.
  • Payments are instant, and surveys are small, which takes a few minutes from your busy schedule.
  • You can also submit your stories through its chatbot. The surveys are easy and fun.
  • Customer services are excellent. Their developers solve all the grievances regarding any matter as soon as possible.


  • Some users have issues sharing pictures and videos.
  • Many times surveys which you took got rejected for several reasons.
  • You will not be suitable to get new surveys. You have to update your profile to get recent surveys in the beginning.
  • Surveys become lengthy sometimes, and the payment they provide for it is not worth investing much time.

Other Information

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Who are the developers of the streetbees?

The developers of the streetbees are limited. It’s a U.K based company that collects crowdsourced data and provides it to its associated clients to use that data for improving their product or doing more effective marketing of the products.

What are other similar applications like streetbees?

Other popular applications similar to streetbees are premise, curious cat, cash camel, citizen me, etc. you can find these apps in the google play store.

How to download the app?

Download the application using the links provided above. Download it from the google play store or by visiting its official website. You can also use our website to download the streetbees application, which will be secure and safe to use.

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