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Is it getting bored & Wanting to play a crazy game? If yes, then this game is the most amazing choice you have. It is called “Stickman Falling.” Please read this article to know its features in detail. Download Stickman Falling mod apk by pressing the download button on this page.

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Stickman Falling Mod Apk is the most fantastic physics simulation game. The gameplay is very crazy but full of fun and excitement. If you are a lover of crazy stunts and deadly games, this is the best choice. This game is full of entertainment, craziness, and unexpected moments. The gameplay involves having to help the stickman character fall as hard as it can from the mountain cliff.

Stickman Falling Mod Apk has the craziest and brutal ways to die with. Even you will have to help this character to help him die as brutally as it can. There are dangerous and deadly tools that you can use to help him get injured as much as he can. You can also use different vehicles to push him down the cliff with vehicles to cause him more injury. You will be rewarded with bonus points and many helping items in the game.

  • Help the stickman to fall from the mountain ground to die instantly.
  • Satisfy your curiosity by seeing the character hit by so many weapons and deadly machines.
  • There are different types of vehicles that you can use to make the stickman character come down from the hill.
  • He will get many deadly injuries as he comes down the hill with great speed.
  • You will get the latest and premium version from this page.


Main features

stick figure falling on plus sign with blades hanging


Crash the stickman as much as you want and try to increase the damage with every try. You can try the different methods you like the most in this game. You can use different tools and vehicles to make the character crash. Crash the figurine into the needles, swords, arrows, and steel wall. You will get the reward based on crash points. Show you skills to cause him brutal pain and enjoy the action.


In Stickman Falling, Mod Apk is three different characters that the players can use as a dummy test. You can crash them as much as you can. You can think of creative ideas to see them suffer the pain. One character is a doll, another is a robot, and the last is a simple dummy. All the characters can feel the damage to their limits, and you will be rewarded by which technique you use to crush them.


press reset button to stop the figure from deteriorating

There are different levels in this game to enjoy crashing these stickmen. Some of the levels have mountainous terrain, and some are designed with giant stairs. You will find many valuable structures and tools to have an excellent crash in these levels. Use the deadly spinning wheels that can cut him down in an instant.

Fun Vehicles

You can use different types of vehicles in this game prepared with zero safety features. Use them to make your dummy crash. Make the accident as you like. Just increase its speed and let him go down the mountain. There are nine different types of vehicles in the game, and they all are designed with low strength. As these vehicles will crash, they will divide into different parts, so the damage is caused very high to the passengers.


Unique features

arrows killing the character

  • Easy to play game
  • Designed for quick fun
  • Realistic graphics to enjoy
  • High score challenges to win
  • Damage boosters can increase the effect of a crash


Why stickman falling mod apk?

stickman falling off cycle red color

You can play Stickman Falling Mod Apk for extreme fun and craziness. You will love the gameplay in which you have to cause accidents and vehicle crashes in different styles. The high scores are created based on the damage your stickman gets. You can use different types of vehicles to crush him and throw him down the hill or through a large number of stairs.

You can attack him with arrows, swords, deadly spinning wheels, a large hammer, and many other tools. The gameplay is easy, but the levels are very hard. You cannot win and get a high score so quickly. There are nine different types of props and three kits to use in the gameplay. These will help you to reach a high score. Compete with other skilled players and beat their high scores to be the best. Download this game from our site and throw the dummies off a cliff.


  • Fun gameplay to enjoy
  • Free to play the game without rules
  • Different types of vehicle crash
  • Amazing and realistic gameplay
  • Easy to use controls


  • Lots of ads are shown between the game
  • Sometimes the game is glitches

Mod features

  • Ads-free gameplay
  • VIP access
  • you can unlock premium features
  • Get unlimited money

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wheels off cart with wall impact

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