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Stickman Archer Online is an online PvP game that allows you to fight random opponents in an archery battle. The battle starts with some obstacles between two players, a bow and a bunch of arrows with different powers. Take up your bow and arrow against your opponent and prove to them who the boss is.

BYRIL did a very good job with this game. If you have played stickman games in the past, you will not be disappointed with this. The graphics are great, and the physics of the game checks out. The game has a good reward system and in-game purchases, and it has a point-and-shoot type of gameplay. All the stickman fans are going to love it.

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About Stickman Archer Online

stickman archers showing their archery skills.

Stickman Archer Online is a new addition to the long list of stickman games. This is a PvP online game where you fight real-time opponents with bows and arrows. This game has multiple Arenas which unlock depending on your level. The higher the arena is, the higher the reward and the harder the game is.

After you are matched with one of the opponents, you land up straight to the map, with you on one side and your opponent on the other, with many obstacles between both.

You have to draw your bow at the correct strength and angle to hit your opponent and avoid the obstacles.

Both players get a shield covering their torso, leaving the head and feet unprotected. Use up all the hitpoints of your opponents by hitting them with different varieties of arrows, turn by turn, and see who is the better archer. Don’t forget to take into account the wind resistance.

Main Features

designing your own stickman with powerful weapons.

  • Cool graphics: The game has cool graphics and some cool animations. It is really fun to play with friends, PvP online, or solo practice mode. We can also adjust the FPS between 30 and 60 to suit our needs. Overall, the look of this game is cool.
  • Game physics: There is one important aspect of this game. It’s called wind. As we all know, wind plays an important role in real-life archery. BYRIL tried to impose that particular factor into their game, and they did a pretty amazing job with it. The wind impacts the flight trajectory, depending on the arrow’s direction, speed, weight, and wind resistance.
  • Gameplay: The game has basic controls. Just pull your fingers to increase the power of the bow. Adjust the arrow’s trajectory, avoiding any obstacles, to hit your opponent. Please choose from the bunch of arrows in your quiver, and hit them for good. The maps are great. The obstacles keep moving, making it a bit difficult. The wind also plays an important role in the flight trajectory. Make sure you keep an eye on it.
  • Animations: The death animations of this game are cool. The stickman will make some random gestures towards the player. After getting hit, it reacts in a very funny way. The background animations are entertaining as well. In one of the maps, you can see Rick and Morty running through a portal for a few seconds.

Unique Features

showing simple controls in stickman archer online mod apk.

  • Reward System: They have a good reward system. We can get rewards based on the boxes and chests we get after each win. Boxes take 2 to 12 hours to open, depending on the rarity, while the chest opens instantly with the help of keys. Also, we get daily missions that provide certain types of chests or coins. There is a daily box, which gives a reward after five wins. The progress tracker also provides rewards, be it new maps, new power-ups, or simply just a few coins.
  • Customization: The player can customize their avatar with several features, like beard, cap, goggles, etc. Each player has their flag to put up lots of stickers and create their sigil. You can find these customization items in the chests or purchase them from the store. There are some rare and good-looking items. Get them to look cooler than your opponents.
  • In-app purchases: The worst thing about this game is that it has become more like a pay-to-win sort of game. People who buy stuff from the store and use it to upgrade the power-ups may have an unfair advantage over those who don’t. You will be stuck with the chests that it would unlock only with keys at one point or another. Keys that you have to buy with in-game cash.


displaying the types of arrows your can choose in stickman archer online

Stickman Archer Online is an amazing game with amazing graphics and gameplay. If you are interested in PvP games, you should download this one. You will see yourself hooked to this game and feel like Robin Hood while playing this. It’s a game worth playing, and you may give it a try. Kudos to BYRIL for making such a great game. facebook apk


stickman archer online android game 6 showing the stunning graphics quality of this game.

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