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The Internet has made findings jobs quite easier nowadays. You can get whatever you want sitting in your home. Steady will help you in your quest. Use the steady application to earn extra money every month while doing your daily work as regularly as before.

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Steady is a tool that will help you with some extra income every month for the work you will provide to the community. Steady now holds more than 3 million workers in its community. On average, every member of the steady community earns around 5500$ every year from it.

Steady helps you find the job information you will not find anywhere else. You can track your income and of the million others. You need to fill in the required information and answer some quick questions to make your personalized profile to get more earning opportunities. In addition, You will find a lot of decent offers on here but beware – some are better than others.

You should not be expecting to get instant rich with it. It will take time to find the perfect job opportunity for you. Select the gigs according to your need and capability and earn with them.

It’s a job offering board to apply for different job offers. You should be eligible for job requirements. You may have to clear the interview partly in some of the offers to get the job. You can also be provided with cash boosters and emergency cash whenever you need them. There are many jobs offers that you can select that best fit your eligibility and requirements. If you are a housewife, you can get part-time jobs and work from home. It has many opportunities for everyone.


work, earn and build a steady life.

  1. Income booster: Now boost your income every month with a steady application. It gives feeds of the job offers personalized according to your profile. Whether you want part-time or full-time, steady your monthly income with cash boosters every month.
  2. Insights: Get real-time insights into your earnings or any other member of the community. It is a pure transparent feature so that members would not feel cheated. The employers in the steady also provide the real-time earning information of the workers they had hired.
  3. Emergency cash: Cash in the time emergency is provided to its members. You need to fill in some basic information to benefit from this feature. II is a beneficial tool when members are stuck in a cash-crunch situation. Millions of dollars had been awarded to many community members when they needed it the most.
  4. Privacy: Though they are transparent with their process, privacy is still the topmost priority of the steady community. The member’s personal information is kept secret and hidden. The members’ privacy issues are solved with priority, and regular updates keep the security services intact.
  5. Interface: The app’s interface is quite easy to understand and use. You will be given a simple tutorial introduction in your first time use. The interface is also fast and reliable, and you can trust it in your financial matters.

The good, bad and the other

perform analytics on earnings to earn more.


  • Fast and reliable user interface. Easy to understand and use. Every feature is conspicuous and clear.
  • It is very informative and contains dozens of opportunities.
  • Most of the job offered in it is easy to do and doesn’t require much eligibility.
  • You can track financial accounts easily, and real-time earning information can be seen to oneself or any other employer member.
  • Emergency cash funds are provided for the emergency need of the community members.
  • It is free to use. All the features are provided


  • Sometimes payment process gets stuck and lags while processing.
  • Boost income in some of the gigs takes time. Pay-outs can be stretched to three months to complete.
  • Users need to browse and search for a long time to find a suitable gig for them in it.

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Who are the developers?

Steady platform Inc. developed this app. They became famous by making a stable platform. It is their only application in the google play store.

What are other similar applications?

There are many applications similar to Steady that you can use, such as make money, Qmee: instant cash, eureka, etc.

How to download the app?

Download the app with the help of the downloading link given above. Or you can also download the app from our website without any security concerns.

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