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Do you want to track your phone of yours or any other person’s? Many times we require to track our phone when we lose it accidentally. Parents often need a tracker to keep track of their child’s locations to check them or for security purposes. In all these cases, we brought you one of the highest-rated phone tracker applications. Use the spy phone application on your mobile or the one whose tracking you have to do.

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What is a spy phone apk?

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Millions of users worldwide use some tracker to track their phones. We need it most when we lose or forget our phone some place. You can use the spy phone tracking app to find your phone’s location. Spyphone is one of the highest-rated tracking applications that you can find for your smartphone. The app is made by spy phone lab LLC, the world leader in providing phone tracking softwares. As a parent, you can also use the spy phone app to monitor your child’s location. You can install it on your child’s phone and keep the tab on it through your smartphone.

Apart from tracking, the app also has a panic button feature. It will be beneficial when your child or any loved one gets by in trouble. They can press it in any need of danger, and you can get a notification or alert with their location. With tracking, you can also keep the data of the host smartphone. You can get the whole list of their contacts on your phone once the app is installed on that phone.

Unique Features


keep track of your loved ones

The interface of the app is perfect. You can hide the app through its one feature. The user of that phone can’t find the app on their phone. The app is easy to use and is straightforward in its functions.

View contacts

View the contacts of the host phone on your phone instantly as the app gets installed on that phone. You can check the latest call logs and their calling history. You can check on the people your child is having a conversation with. It can help you keep your children away from a lousy environment and people.

Monitor GPS

get all the contacts and gps location

Once you have installed the app on the host phone, you will receive the location of the host phone every 30 minutes. You can track that person’s movement map—all this information you will receive on your control system.

Panic button

This button may be the most helpful tool in the app. The new update added a unique panic button in the app. If the host used the button, you would receive their location with an alert. Apart from it, you can also find a lost phone instantly.

Pros and cons


  • The app helps track the location of the host used as the phone keeps sending you the location of that phone every 30 minutes.
  • The app recently added a new panic button that can be very useful in emergencies.
  • You can also see the contacts and call logs of the host person. You can keep track of the people they are talking to.
  • The interface is simple, and the app is straightforward to use.


  • The phone needs to keep open its GPS location. This may result in a sudden battery drain in your phone.
  • The app can be used by many to get the private data and location of the person.
  • The app often takes hours to send the data to the control panel on the android phones.

Other information

panic button will help in emergency

Important links

Visit the following Google Play store link to read the reviews and learn more about the app.

Visit the official website of the spy phone application: https://www.spyphone.com/.


How to use the spy phone apk?

It is effortless to use the spy phone application. Just install it on your phone and keep track of the things on your phone from your control panel, which can be your computer or your other smartphone.

How to get the app?

You can also download the latest version of the spy phone apk from this site by following the steps above in the article.
Download the app from the google play store link which is given above.

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