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Want to know the speed of your mobile or Wi-Fi network? The speedtest by ookla will be the perfect app for you for this task. Now measure speed in the device in just one click. Read the following article to know more about the app and download by clicking the download button.

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About Speedtest

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The speedtest by ookla is one of the most popular internet speed calculating sites and now it comes in the application format. Install the app on your android devices and measure the connection speed of any network in just one click. It is one of the most trusted and reliable sites to check your speed. There are many times it looks there is some problem with your network. Use this app to check the connection speed and you can find the problem in your connection. There are more than 12 thousand testing servers to measure the speed more accurately.

Though it is a network speed calculating app it also provides some other features with it. Apart from network downloading speed, you can also check the network by streaming the video to check the video quality. It helps you get the idea of connection before streaming any video or movie. Apart from it, Speedtest Apk also provides a VPN to help you browse your internet more safely. You will get 2GB of monthly data to browse securely and also get data if you get the premium of the app.



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  • VPN: There is an in-built VPN provider in the app. Use this to browse through the internet safely and securely. Use the VPN to hide your I.P address on the internet. It has two benefits. It protects you from unwanted malware attacks and privacy issues and allows you to browse and visit many websites which are banned in your region. You just had to activate your VPN, it will change the IP address of your device and you can browse securely.
  • Test video speed: Test the net speed of your network with which it streams video on the web. It will be very beneficial to run a test before watching any movie or video online. You can set the quality of your video online so you won’t have to experience buffering in between. Unlike other features, this feature is not available on the official website of the Speedtest by ookla for that you have to download and access it through its application.
  • 5G connection: Speedtest Apk is the only reliable and secure source for testing the speed of your 5G connection. The 5G services are the latest in the network and are only available in some areas around the world and other regions are testing their feasibility. So no great number of sources are available to check its speed. Speedtest by ookla provides you with the most reliable and trusted test sources for checking the speed of a 5G connection.
  • Detailed results: Though it will provide you the download speed, upload speed, or ping of your connection just like any other test source but more than that it provides a detailed report of your test results. You will get other information like jitter or packet loss percentage and more. This will help you better understand any problems with your connection.

Unique features

  1. It is the only test capable of measuring 5G network speed accurately.
  2. A network coverage map will also be provided to better understand the connection background.
  3. Do troubleshoot to find the problem in the connection network when facing network issues in the device.
  4. Discover your downloading, uploading, or ping speed before downloading something playing any game on your device.
  5. Detailed reports of every test will be given to analyze any network issue in your network.

Other Information


turn vpn on and off easily.

  • One of the most reliable sources of testing 5G connections speed.
  • In-built VPN helps in browsing the internet safely and accessing banned websites of your region
  • Reports include more information than any other test sources
  • More than thirty thousand test servers to test your connection precisely and accurately.
  • Real-time video streaming capability can also be tested for streaming videos online.
  • Results can easily be shared with your friends or your network connection provider.


  • Contains ads which to be removed had to purchase the premium of the app.
  • The in-built VPN only allows 2GB of monthly data to browse. Premium has to be purchased for unlimited browsing.
  • Browser version could be a better choice as it contains most of the features it provides

FAQs about Speedtest

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How to get the application?

  • The app can be downloaded from our website (popularapk.com) or installed from the google play store from the following link.
  • You can also use the official website of the speed test by ookla to test your connection speed with a single click.
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