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Suppose you are looking for a spectacular GPS app that can help you track your route and find the time elapsed, average speed, altitude, and many more. Then this app is definitely for you. Read more about this app in the article given below.

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this app will take you to the destination with fastest route.

Speed view GPS apk is one of the most popular GPS apps, which has many unique and amazing features for you. This app is the perfect app for those people who want to keep a complete record of their route. It can act as a speedometer for your vehicle and tell you the live speed, and you can save the route tracks on your device for future reference. With this app, you can also check your vehicle’s performance on the road, like its average speed and maximum speed. On the 3D map, you can view the route you have taken and see the shops, malls, and restaurants that come your way. This app is enabled with the most accurate GPS speedometer.

This app is also a solution for the drivers whose car or bike’s speedometer or odometer is not working. You can constantly monitor your speed to avoid the speed limit on the road. It is a lightweight app with low battery consumption. More than 500 thousand drivers trust this app and use it while driving. You can download the latest version of Speed view GPS apk from our website for absolutely free.

Main features

speed view gps pro apk will let you see the accurate stats about your journey.

Keep complete track of your route.

With this app, you can easily keep a detailed track of the route you take on your journey. With this app, you can measure many different components, from speed, the time elapsed, average speed, max speed, and even altitude. It has intelligent AI, due to which you will always get accurate data. You can switch between the bike cyclometer and car speedometer with a single click. Measure the speed in different units such as mph, knot, and km/h. You can save your track info for future reference too.

Map integration

Along with the speedometer, this app has map integration for you. You can check out your location on the map anytime and anywhere. In the saved track info, you can see the route taken on the map. The map is updated regularly so you can get the correct information. You can also manually select your course, and this app will guide you on your journey. Through voice commands, you can get instructions about the upcoming turns.

Enjoy features for free.

If you use the original app, you will have to buy a paid subscription to access the features. But in the version, you don’t have to waste your money; use all the parts for absolutely free. You see the graphical representation of the speed and check your speed concerning altitude at a glance. Due to its small size, you can install this game on both low and high-end devices.

User-friendly interface

Speed view GPS apk has a user-friendly and interactive interface, due to which anyone can easily use this app. It is specially designed so that you can have a comfortable and flexible experience. There are over 16 colorful themes, and you can choose your favorite color. All the elements are created with extreme care of every single detail. You will find all the required options on the homepage of this app.

Unique features

  • Get the most accurate speed of your vehicle.
  • Connect this app to your Google drive.
  • It has 16 different color styles.


this app also works as the speedometer for you.

Is GPS speed more accurate?

GPS speed is more accurate as the speedometer is enabled by default.

Why install Speed view GPS apk?

Speed View GPS apk is among the top GPS apps with significant growing popularity. With this app, you can track your route and give detailed info. You can detail speed, avg speed, the time elapsed, max speed, altitude, and many more. All the information provided by this app is almost accurate due to its intelligent AI. You can measure acceleration in different units such as mph, km/h, and knot. It also has the map integration feature for you. You can see the route on the map which you have taken. You can save your route info on your google drive for future reference. There are 16 colorful themes; you can personalize the app interface and select your favorite one. You don’t need any paid subscriptions; access the features of this app for free. With popularapk.com, you will get the speed to view GPS free download.

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