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We present to you an app that can detect speed cameras for you.  Speed Camera Radar Pro Apk is listed on the play store for one hundred and thirty. It is built by road soft located in Houghton, Michigan. This app was developed in December of 2018. This app is regularly updated based on the addition of the cameras but does not require any external additional downloads.


see the official icon of speed camera radar pro mod apk.

  • Lives were simple where we only had to deal with policemen on the road, when they would stop us in the middle of the road, and tell us to park our vehicle on the side of the road, we all can agree we would get terrified.
  • We all have had life experiences where we got our first ticket, or the traffic policemen caught us for no reason, simply to extort some money from us. Sometimes the eyes miss the details on the road such as speed cameras, which can lead to heavy fines on your vehicle and could even get your driver’s license suspended. Speed cameras were not even a thing a few years back. Since this decade, a lot has changed.
  • The police installed speed cameras among different locations worldwide in the previous year, not even that the cameras can also detect any red light jump or some cameras are so technically advanced that they can detect if a person is not wearing a seat belt or is on their phone. The installation of speed cameras and related technology businesses grasped a huge revenue worldwide. Last year was a major year for technology-related changes.

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About Speed Camera Radar Pro Apk

locate the distance with 2d map.

The app works on a simple principle. It tells you where all the speed cameras are to be found. Just open the app and type in the route you would like to check the speed cameras for, this app would present all the speed cameras along the route.
This app does not require an internet connection to work and after setting in the location, you can just sit back and relax and this app will take care of all your needs.
When you are near a camera, this app would beep immediately based on the distance you have set it to alert you so that you can slow down your car immediately and escape a challan from the camera.

Some of the best features of Speed Camera Radar Pro Apk includes

  • Night vision maps
  • 3d real-life buildings and roads
  • Beep alert with sounds
  • Your vehicle speed
  • Traffic ahead warning (requires internet)
  • Can run even in the background


set the location in radar detector of speed camera radar pro mod apk.

Speed Camera Radar Pro works in very simple terms this app is purely user-dependent. Wherever the users see a camera on the road they can immediately report it in the app with the hazard button. This app is constantly updated and new camera locations are added every day. The more the users download and use the app and verify the cameras, the stronger the database gets. The app provides the additional feature of trying it out before purchasing the app. You can try out the free version and see the working of the app

Some of the cameras Speed Camera Radar Pro Apk can detect are

  • Speed cameras on a tripod
  • Police checkpoint
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Railway crossing

Installation and setup

measure the distance with this app's map feature

  • For first-time users, you would have to go to our website and download the app for free.
  • which is otherwise available for INR 130 rs.
  • After downloading the app users have to open the updated database to check out the newest addition of cameras in their country.
  • After that, you would have to select the route on which you would like to check the cameras.
  • The application can show the cameras only directional to your route.
  • This app cannot detect real traffic policemen on the routes

Customer reviews

customize the settings of radar detector in this app.

This app is rated 3.8 on the play store. Let us know what might be the reason for a low rating.

  • Firstly you can only submit the poi while driving, which can be dangerous
  • Add button position is not optimal because left-hand users have difficulty reaching the button
  • Adding a new speed camera is very cumbersome and is difficult while driving
  • The app is often filled with bugs and hangs often.

Some people had glitches opening the app. Because of software compatibility issues.

Some people even claimed that the app did not detect even a single camera on their route. When they asked for a refund from the developer, they were ghosted.

That is not all, some people gave Speed Camera Radar Pro Apk a positive review, let’s see what they had to say

  • “It’s a great app it just needs to be accurate on the road speed limit”
  • “A must buy the app, great experience, great voice quality”
  • “It’s a great app, just need to work on the road speed limit”
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