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Snapchat Mod Apk Introduction

Snapchat is a cool app with innovative features such as photo sharing and video clips sharing where you can open the camera to capture the moments and send them directly to your loved ones. You can use a lot of filters, emoji, bitmoji, lenses and more effects while live shooting and do post editing after you capture the moment.

Snapchat Mod Apk latest version allows you to save the moments you captured and the sent photos and videos can be set to view for one time only in chat. The images and videos automatically disappear from the recipients device after they view it once or in 24 hours according to the sent settings. 

it is a privacy centric where there are many privacy features offered like screenshot notification and more. By this the sender of private chats can be sure that their snaps are not shared and are private to them.


Snapchat Apk Main Features

Popular Snap feature

customize your avatar in snapchat.

The snap camera automatically opens when you launch the app. You can tap the shoot button once to take a snap or hold it to record a short video. The videos are recorded in short bits of 10 seconds.

You can also add lenses to the videos and add crazy filters to your snaps. As the latest apk supports your personalized bitmoji character, you can use the character in many ways. You can get your snaps and add your bitmoji character, make it animate and do much more. The images and the videos that you take with the app are called the snaps and it can be directly sent to anyone.

Snapchat mod apk - snap camera

The Snap Map

find your friends in snapchat

snap map feature with friends avatars places on map.

This is an interesting feature where you can see your friend who has added you on a geographical map. You can also set your moods and a representation of your current activity through your bitmoji character in the map. In addition, You can set your bitmoji character to be shown at the current location only and you can’t spoof it.

Also, You can also set your visibility in the snap map so they other may not know where you are and the same applies to your friends in the latest version of apk. This allows you to see where your friends are partying or who is hanging out with whom, if they allow their bitmoji character to be visible on the map and similarly you can make yours visible on the map to others.

The Private chat for snaps

Snapchat mod apk - chat setttings

In Snapchat Mod Apk, you can chat with the friends who have added you and start sharing snaps with them. If you send a snap to them daily and get a snap back, you can make streaks to last longer. You can make long streaks and show it off to others by sharing the screenshot.

The chat is private and secure by design as all the messages, files and snaps automatically disappear as they are viewed by your friend. You can also set to delete the chats to after 24 hours but that’s the maximum time a snap can be viewed until it gets deleted. You also get a notification if another person screenshots any part of the chat. Thus, your chats remain private.

Personalized friendship profiles

charms and their meanings with explanation

This is an amazing feature where your attributes and other person signs are matched with your profile. You can see the astrological results, compatibility, zodiac sign compatibility and more. There are charms in Snapchat where you can see what you have in common. The profiles which are between you and your friend are private and are only shared between you and them. It also shows the streaks and the memories that you have shared together.

Stories and Exploration

add to my story option in snapchat

see shorts and videos in snaps

You can follow celebrity pages and follow official accounts of channels that post amazing stuff. You can also post the snaps as stories which will remain visible to your follows for 24 hours before they disappear. By the way, through stories, you can discover latest trends or follow the news in short bit sized video clips format. You can also watch the originals shows created for app and see what’s happening in your community that you follow.


APK Details

Category Social
Android requirements Android 4.4 and up
Developer Snap Inc
Play store link play store
Package name
CPU Architecture armv7 and armv6


Useful Tip: After pressing the download button, Always choose the free download option. please wait a few seconds after you click free download, so that your apk download starts well.


How to Install Mod Apk

How to Install Mod Apk Guide |[Complete + Detailed] – PopularApk


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Snapchat Mod Apk Unique features

Snapchat Apk - profile id code QR

In the latest version of Snapchat Mod Apk for android there are many new features and functions. You have the ability to control your data in the app by setting privacy settings and make your profile private. Ir is privacy centric by default. The snaps that you share may be private so those can be viewed either for once or for a very limited number of times.

If a person takes a screenshot of your chat or your snap, you are immediately notified of the screenshot. You can increase your followers without having to add them or show your profile. This allows you to keep spam at bay.

export snap options to share the snap from Snapchat Apk

The interface is very simple and easy to use. You can also save the snaps as memories and export them manually to the camera roll or any other app; if you want to share the snap to other social media platforms. The lenses in snapchat are really advanced. They use augmented reality. Make your latest app experience much more fun and original. You can unlock more fun less by travelling to places and discover new lenses as released regularly.


How to install Snapchat Apk

For installing the latest version on your phone just follow the simple steps below as you may not get the latest version on play store.

  • Click on the download button on this web page, to download the latest version apk on your device.
  • For installing apk  with the latest features, you need to turn on the option of install apps from unknown sources first. For this, go to the phone settings, and search for unknown sources in the search bar of the settings. After you find that option, check on it so that it is turned on and accept the warning given by phone.
  • After you have turned on the “install apps from unknown sources” button, click on the downloaded file(Snapchat.apk) from the notification bar or find the file in the file manager of your phone.
  • If you can’t find it, use the files app on your phone and search for Snapchat you’ll see apk. click on it to get started and answer everything in a Yes.
  • If you still can’t find the app maybe the device did not download the file, for this just download the file again by pressing the download button below and repeat the above steps.
  • After you have got the file, install the APK file. Give it access to the necessary permission it needs to work properly.
  • Open the app and register using your profile by entering the correct information to start using the app right away.


Final verdict

The app has many more new features than the old version and the privacy measures which are turned on by default are not matched by any app currently on the marketplace which offers similar services. This app is definitely recommended to be downloaded if you live in the moment. Want to capture those moments in a more fun way.

It allows you to capture intricate moments of your life. Share it with others while being totally safe and secure. You can make new friends by the way of friend suggestions as the app shows you suggestions of friends. Mutual of new people who are using the apk around you. If not for that, Snapchat Mod Apk must be downloaded. For its one of a kind, awesome filters which you can’t find anywhere else!


Frequently asked questions

Q. Where to get the update ?

Ans. here on our website you securely and safely download the latest apk. We update all our apps regularly and provide you with the latest version of the apps for free download.

Q. Why do I need to turn on the unknown sources option in settings ?

Ans. Android OS by default doesn’t allow you to install any applications from outside the playstore. This is a common security measure so that an app cannot inject malware on your device without your permission. But to unlock the full potential and use the latest apps which are not available to anyone, you need to turn this feature on to install apps from our website.

The warnings are there for a reason, it means you should only install apps from the sources you trust. Here we provide file which is 100% malware free. You can also check it by using any antivirus service or check the virus total results by uploading the apk to the virustotal site.

Q. Is it safe to download from this website ?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe to download the files from our website. The file is completely virus free. You can check the virustotal( best site in the world for checking file virus) results from here –

However, we don’t take guarantee of the app usage and it’s on you to use this app however you like. We are here to provide you with the best and latest of the applications from the internet specially picked and chosen for you.

Q. How to update to the latest version ?

Ans. If you already have this application installed in your phone, the procedure is the same for installing apk as we have described before. If you are facing any problems in installing the app and updating it, try to do a clean install of the app.

Just uninstall the older version of the app and install the downloaded version of the latest apk from here.

Follow us or bookmark this page for getting the latest updates of the Snapchat mod apk for your phone and be the first to try out all the new features.

Q. The app doesn’t work on my phone. What should I do ?

Ans. well the apk we provide is the general version and should work on your device. But in case it doesn’t, just uninstall the already installed app and install it and then clear the data and cache from the app settings page. If it still doesn’t work, we suggest waiting for the new version or installing the more stable version from the play store but without the new features of App that we provide.

Q. The download button doesn’t work.

Ans. After you find the download button, it redirects you to an external download site. That’s completely normal as the apk files are hosted on a separate server to prevent tampering. When you are redirected, you land on the download page from where you can click on the download button again to start your download. If you are still having problems downloading from our site, feel free to comment in the comments section and we will resolve it quickly.

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