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Does your smartphone lack performance? If yes, your mobile needs an upgrade; it needs a little performance boost. An app called Smart Cleaner apk can help you to increase your phone’s performance. Please read this article to know all its features.

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use booster & cleaner of this app to boost your phone's performance.

Smart Cleaner apk is an advanced utility tool app for android devices. Suppose your smartphone lacks performance or slows down since you are using it. Then this app is only designed to solve your problems. This utility app performs cache cleaning, memory cleaner, and performance-boosting. It makes your smartphone perform faster than before by cleaning space. The number of applications you use on your phone acquires the space to run on your RAM and internal memory. The workload on your phone increases as per the number of applications. This results in higher CPU usage, full RAM usage, and full internal space. These problems also cause your phone to heat up, resulting in high battery usage.

Thus, this app is the best possible solution to your phone problem. It specializes in boosting the allover performance of your phone. You can scan all your phone problems in one click, and with another click, you can free up space, lower CPU usage, and slow down battery consumption. Its main benefit can be seen while gaming on your phone, and this app helps the phone perform smoothly while playing heavy games on your phone.


battery saver options helps you to increase the battery life of your phone.

Scanner & Cleaner

With this app, you can scan your phone’s health condition with one tap. By this method, all your phone’s major and small problems are detected. Scanning is done either manually or automatically for the whole device. After analyzing, this app displays the data of junk files, cache files, temporary files, and much more. You can clean all this junk by simply clicking on the clean button. Your internal space and cache memory are cleared for further use.

CPU usage

When you use many applications at once, it causes the CPU to work overtime. If you close all the applications, then there is a chance that some apps still use CPU in the background. This results in high CPU usage that slows down other processes of your phone. So you can use this app to put all the apps using high CPU usage to hibernate. Thus your phone’s performance is restored with this app.

Saves Battery

This app is the best utility tool to save battery usage. You can lower your battery usage by closing the background applications and unnecessary processes. High CPU usage always results in heating the phone, and thus if you lower the workload on the CPU, your battery can perform faster. By closing the unnecessary battery-consuming apps, you can increase your battery backup.

CPU Cooler

CPU cooling is the main advantage of this app that gives you the benefits of protecting your phone from hardware damage. With this app, you can close the high-usage background processes and applications that you don’t need. Because of them, the CPU has to work harder than normal, resulting in rising temperature, which can harm your phone’s hardware. So with one tap, this app can cool down your CPU.


use cpu cooler of this app to prevent overheatig with smart cleaner pro apk.

Why use Smart Cleaner apk?

Multiple reasons are there because of which you can use this app. Your phone requires to be monitored and maintained. With this app, either you can manually scan your phone, or this app can automatically scan it. As soon as this app detects any problem that needs to be resolved, it notifies you. You can perform major functions like memory cleaning, lowering CPU usage, junk cleaning, and lowering battery consumption all with one tap. All the background processes are closed when this app takes action. It puts all the apps you have not used often to hibernate and other apps to sleep, which you don’t need continuously. Unnecessary background processes are closed, which increases the workload on your phone. And when you want to play a game, there is a special game mode you can switch to.

What are the Unique features of Smart Cleaner?

You can unlock & lock any file or app you want.
This app notifies you when the app cause overheating
Find the apps that are draining your battery.
Cleans junk files, cache & temp files

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