Slap and Run v1.6.9 [Apk]

Getting bored of playing unexciting games with irrational objectives or stressful games? We found a game for you to end your boredom. What can be more fun than slapping people and running from them? Play slap and run and enjoy it. To know more about the game, read the following article and download apk of the game by following instructions.

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About slap and run apk

play the fun slap and run gameplay with slap and run mod apk.

Slap and run is a funny and casual game. You don’t have to focus to control the movement through hefty settings. Just move left and right along the road and slap as many people as you find. But it’s not over yet, the more people you slap the more crowd will keep running behind you to catch you. I get caught you will be beaten up by the whole crowd. Just focus on slapping and running from the crowd. But there is a catch, there are obstacles in the road, so while running you have to be aware of them and dodge them.

You just have to move your characters towards the people and he will slap them automatically. You will get the coins. The more people you slap, the more coins you will get. Use these coins to make your characters interesting. The game contains many characters’ skin that you can acquire by spending some coins. If you want some extra edge than others, you can download the slap and run apk from our website to get extra lives and an ad-free interface.

Download the slap and run apk and enjoy the slapping game. The game has everything you need to overcome your boring life. So, slap everyone in your way but be aware of the obstacles. Obstacles can be cycles, potholes, any vehicle, and much more. The game’s graphics are very good. The interface is 3D and looks quite elegant.


use powerful slaps to destory opponent in one go.

Interface: The interface of the game is simple. It contains 3D graphics and the characters are simple colored human figures. Your character is the blue one and others are the pink. Slap the pink one and earn coins.

Rewards: It gives you coins for every slap you make. Use these coins to earn new character skins for your character and the crowd in the streets. Download the slap and run apk to get free coins and no ads while playing the game.

Levels: The game runs on different levels. You just need to cross the finish line to clear the level. Each level has its unique difficulties and objectives. Clear each level to enter into a new challenge. The difficulty of the level will increase as the game progress.


The Good and the Bad

run as fast as you can so nobody can catch you in slap and run mod apk.

Positives of slap and run

  • The game is simple and funny to play.
  • No need for any internet connection to play the game. Can run offline.
  • Simple controls for movements. Swipe left and right to move your character. It will slap automatically.
  • The 3D graphics look elegant and fun to play.
  • Very relaxing to slap someone.
  • Download the apk of the game to get extra lives and free from ads.

Negatives slap and run

  • It has a tremendous amount of ads that can be very frustrating.
  • If played offline you can get rid of ads.
  • Can’t save the game progress.
  • If the game gets deleted by mistake. All the progress will get lost.


Other information

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Important links

  • Visit the following link of the google play store. Read the reviews of the game and more about the game from there.
  • Go and watch the following YouTube video to watch the gameplay of the game:

  • Watch the following video to get a first-hand review of the game:

FAQs about slap and run apk

Who are the developers of the game?

The developers of the game are VODOO. They are popular for making 3D android games. Some of their famous games are Qiks, fashion universe, cooking craft, and many more.

Are there any other games similar to slap and run?

Yes, there are many other games like Bazooka boy, crowd city. You can find all these games in the google play store.

How to get the app?

Download the game from the google play store whose link is given above. You can also get the version of the game from our website. Download and install the apk for free.

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