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Are you new to this gaming World and want to establish your empire, Or are you tired of playing the same boring types of games again and again? Then, we have come here with a solution that will surely solve your problem. A game that is far more exciting and entertaining than others! “SIMCITY BUILDIT apk”.

What are you waiting for? It is available on the google play store and the iOS app store with a 4.2 rating with over 100M+ downloads. Download SimCity BuildIt Apk by pressing the download button on this page.

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These days everyone wants to be independent in case of everything, Then why not in games too..?

Just be the head of your city and construct it in the most beautiful way possible.

This simulation game is for someone who has a mindset to do the best of all. Here, you will have to create a city of your own and will have the responsibility to take care of it.

Be your BOSS!

This game brings to you magnificent graphics, beautifully designed buildings that create enthusiasm in players to play.

SimCity BuildIt Apk comes with easy levels in the beginning but ups the difficulty level with time to keep the players entertained and enhance their creativity and management skills because nowadays our generation wants to be highly productive even in games too. Available on popularapk, simcity download is the most amazing simulation game ever.


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This game provides a very easy and friendly environment for players. With its user-friendly interface, it provides high-priority notifications. All the main features are accessible with shortcut options so that you can change them without getting into the menu. It also provides tips and hints to the new players who are trying for the first time. These features decrease your search time. When you design the city in the game you can easily use different customization options without going into the menu.

Extreme level Graphics

The stunning graphics quality of this game is one of the biggest factors that players enjoy about it. They give a realistic feel and make you feel that you are yourself residing in the town. While you create the city of your dreams, details are very important. Thus with these console-level graphics, you can enjoy every detail of this app. Special visual effects and animations are just amazing and make this game too much fun.

Connect to other players

This feature adds another feather to its cap by connecting us to the other mayors of the neighbouring town and allowing us to chat, trade, and compete with them which results in the betterment of the town. Compete or collaborate with other players in this game to build an advanced city. Use your imagination and creativity skills to amaze the other players who are competing with you. Invite your friends to enjoy the game with you.


This feature makes it superior to all other games of a similar genre because you need to plan and make strategies for the advancement of your town to become the best mayor. Create a unique strategy to build different beautiful structures in the town. Use your decision-making skills to set the right path to layout different buildings like schools, gyms, libraries, museums, and much more.


This remarkable feature allows us to use our creative ideas freely to construct our town Without any limitations. With the combination of both your creative skills and this game’s creative features, you can develop an advanced and beautiful city. Overall, We can say that this game is a wholesome collection of smooth graphics, creativity, strategy making and provides immense joy while playing.



buy items from shop for increasing your city wealth.

  • Available to play on PC – PC users often seem to complain about a less range of simulation games but here is great news for them that you can play SIMCITY BUILDIT even on your PC too. A bigger screen gives a bigger joy is indeed going to give a true experience of the township.
  • Multiplayer – This multiplayer game makes you play with many like-minded people and allows you to visit other towns and talk to their mayors which gives a very professional attitude.
  • Easy log in/ sign-up method – You have to just download the game on your device and have to play the tutorial as instructed by the advisor until he tells you that you can now play on your own. Then go to the settings option and log in/ sign up to your account.
  • Gaming process recovery An all-relatable story is that sometimes we play our favorite game on our phone/PC and due to some issue we might have to reinstall the game and then boom!
  • We lose our game data and have to complete the levels from the beginning which seems quite boring. In the SIMCITY Apk, You can even play your game where you left after re-login to your account. This feature is missed by many other games and for which this game is loved most by the users.


unlocked more area for building a greater an larer city.

  • Zoom less – You can’t zoom in on the screen much to see small things clearer.
  • Time taking – It takes a good amount of time to start which can feel like forever sometimes.
  • No real talk– You can’t talk to other players in real-time in the game.
  • Battery Drainer – It drains mobile phones batteries rapidly.
  • Ads – While playing it online, you can come across many ads which seem very annoying during playtime.

Unique Features

  • With the apk you can get simoleons and simcash.
  • Get simcity cheats, use them to turn the flow of the game towards yourself.


Simcity Buildit walkthrough?

Best club war tips in simcity buildit?

Use this video to learn about club wars:

Best region to unlock in simcity buildit?

Cactus canyon is the best region to unlock in simcity.

Is Simcity free to play?

Yes this game is free to play, you can download this game through this site popularapk.

Can we play simcity buildit on pc?

Use bluestacks software to play this game on pc. Bluestack emulator is very easy to download and available for free.

How many levels are in simcity?

There are upto 40 levels in simcity.

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